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15 non-Americans share the most shocking thing they saw when visiting the U.S.

15 non-Americans share the most shocking thing they saw when visiting the U.S.


Culture shock is a complicated experience on its own.

But experiencing culture shock while witnessing something shocking regardless of culture, is a whole different bag.

In a popular Reddit thread, non-Americans shared the most shocking thing they witnessed in the U.S., and the answers range from small culture shocks to inarguably weird experiences.

1. From SnakePeele:

I woke up early on vacation in Florida and the sidewalk outside my hotel was absolutely covered in lizards and it was amazing.

2. From im_seriously_serious:

I'm Vietnamese and when I moved to the US, cars outnumber motorcycles so it was like going to the future. The less shocking was seeing white and black people because I have never seen other races before.

3. From runtheplank:

Went to a Wal-mart in Maine that was so huge the ceiling met the floor at a horizon. Also they sold liquor there on the cheap.

4. From LCNegrini:

Peruvian here. The first thing my mother and I said was 'Wow, everything is so quiet.'

5. From Roarkstar:

I'm from Singapore and we're pretty much a conservative and reserved society. I visited the US for an Elective Program at UCLA (Go Bruins!) and the thing that struck me most about America was everyone's friendliness or 'social-ness'!

People just strike up conversations with you, ask how your day's been, and really connect with each other based on whatever's happening around them - the weather, how long the wait for the bus is, etc.

And somehow these fleeting connections were very real and genuine to me. I came back home a much more enlightened person with my horizons very much broadened. So, thank you Americans, for showing me simple human kindness.

6. From curvedbanana:

I was told I speak very good English. I'm English.

7. From luiii:

French living in California. Americans are super friendly and will engage in a discussion whenever they can. Oh and Americans speak very loud too.

8. From Middlerun:

Whole camps of homeless people living under highway overpasses in New Orleans.

9. From pokie6:

Clean air, clean tap water (people even drink it - wtf?). I came here from Russia.

10. From Deemers:

I wouldn't say it would be shocking but just a tad startling, basically flags. Flags everywhere! On the pavements, in the windows, on the side of buildings, up poles, on cars, on doors, on posters, pretty much anything it could be stuck to.

Oh and the real comfy feeling of diners. Genuinely felt welcome any place I went for a cup of tea in. (always got a raised eyebrow and a question when I asked for 'hot tea' instead of ice tea).

11. From emu_gordon:

I'm from Australia and I couldn't believe how high the water levels are in your toilet, my balls nearly touch the water hahah. Also your drive-through ATM's! Crazy.

12. From mrpopenfresh:

So many types of fast food. Canadian as well, I'm used to like max 4 choices, but in the states there are like 15, and there's a definite hierarchy of quality.

13. From ramdonperson:

Coming in from China, it was amazing how not-crowded the public transportation was. (well, after I got over the lack of public transportation).

Sure, rush hour was busy but I didn't have to wait for three trains to pass to rudely push my way into the subway (also no one stole my stuff).

14. From siveme:

A home-less man in Seattle called me 'A good for nothing negro' word for word, keep in mind that at the time this happened I was a 14 year old white kid with a steadier job than he had.

15. From vocaltalentz:

My cousin from Vietnam flew into America sometime in December and she recalled that her first reaction was, 'Wow. There's so much sugar covering the ground!'

It was snow, but she really thought we sprinkled sugar everywhere for sh*ts and giggles. Why she's never heard of snow, I don't know. But it was adorably hilarious.

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