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15 parents who regret having kids share why.

15 parents who regret having kids share why.


Having kids can be one of the most life-changing and fulfilling experiences a person can have.

But it can also be a really, really tough responsibility that doesn't pan out in the ways you hope, and involves a lot of isolation and questioning of your life choices.

In the time of the internet, where there are (relatively) safe places to share life regrets anonymously, more regretful parents are opening up about why they wish they'd gone down another path in life.

In one popular Reddit thread, regretful parents shared the exact reasons the experience hasn't been for them, and the complicated feelings that go along with that.

1. From camelican:

I wasn't ready to stop being selfish. I'm only two years in so it's still the intense stage, but parenting so far has just been relentlessly exhausting.

I feel like having a kid closed off a lot of possibilities for me, definitely killed any semblance of spontaneity in my life.

2. From Lejundary:

I will start by saying I never wanted kids. I was married at 20, had my first kid by 21, second kid by 22. First kid is out on his own...and let me tell you his 18th birthday couldn't come fast enough so he could move out.

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