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15 people share the dark psychology tricks that actually work.

15 people share the dark psychology tricks that actually work.


Every interaction we have is colored by psychology.

A simple quick facial expression, the phrasing of a sentence, and the tone of someone's body language all inform how we feel about both them and us.

While being actively manipulative isn't a good practice if you want to cultivate healthy and communicative relationships, there are some psychological tricks that people employ to get what they want.

In a popular Reddit thread, people shared the dark psychology tricks that actually work.

1. From FrozenBanana46:

If someone is bothering you at your desk too often, continue the conversation but get up and walk them back to their desk.

Had a boss who was a guru at this. You'd be back at your desk wondering how the f**k you got there.

2. From stormbrewing_:

Silence. If you want to know something, ask the question then wait. People want to fill the silence and will talk and talk.

3. From Equivalent-Wealth-39:

Staring at people's forehead irritates them quite a lot.

4. From The-Great-Clod:

If you want to be an effective liar, build a reputation of being honest. The more you are known as being reliable, the easier it is to deceive and manipulate. Not terribly complex, I know.

5. From __Jane___:

Talk good behind people's back. It’ll get to them trust me. It’ll get to everybody.

6. From SuperDuperStoney:

If you make a favor seem bigger than it is before asking it, the person on the receiving end is much more likely to help.

7. From Natasha_JB:

When someone's being rude to you stay completely silent and stare at them. It'll make them feel incredibly uncomfortable and they'll usually act civilly after a few moments.

8. From Aerotank2099:

Sunk cost. Basically, any time or effort or money that has already been expended or spent tends to be factored into decision-making even though it shouldn’t.

When I met my wife, she would always finish her drinks even if she didn’t like them because she paid for them. I asked her, if you already paid for them then the money is already gone.

Why suffer through a drink you don’t like if there is literally no change in outcome as opposed to not drinking it…except not enjoying it. That is why buying a car takes so long.

You have spent so much time already that you almost feel like you have to buy it. You have INVESTED time and need to get something for that investment. And oh my gosh I do not want to go through this again!

9. From fckmelifemate:

Change the perspective from I to we and people will automatically align themselves with you.

10. From SumerianProgRocker:

Nodding your head up and down slightly when you want someone to agree with what you are saying.

11. From Morvack:

People start to believe something if they're told it over and over and over. Even if it goes against everything they know.

That's why the news is so important to pretty much every government on earth. They get to decide what we hear over and over.

12. From Kthak_Back:

Waiting several seconds or up to minute to say something after someone has given you an offer or asked you for something will make what you say next high likely to be agreed with. Most people hate uncomfortable silence especially sales people.

13. From I_drink_your_mshake:

If you want someone to like you, ask them to do small favors for you and be very appreciative when they comply. Positive reinforcements for tasks, just like training a dog.

14. From lu0n70_confetti:

The wording of the questions often influences the answers.

For example, to the question “how fast were the cars going when they crashed”, people give, on average, an estimated speed that is faster than when the question is formulated as: “how fast were the cars going when they collided”

15. From spookyskelley:

If you experience trauma, retelling the story over and over in present tense “he pulled the gun out” vs “he is pulling out a gun” will move the memory from your amygdala and engage your pre-frontal cortex.

This makes the memory more of a historical retelling rather than an emotional one. I probably got the brain parts wrong, but my therapist taught me this one.

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