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15 people share the dark secret they're hiding from everyone.

15 people share the dark secret they're hiding from everyone.


The internet is an amazing place to anonymously share the darkest and most vulnerable secrets about your life.

Carrying a secret for long can feel heavy and burdensome, so the safe anonymous space of the internet can provide the ultimate catharsis.

In a popular Ask Reddit thread, people shared the darkest secret they're hiding from everyone, and they truly run the gamut.

1. From sdr79:

When I was a teenager, I worked at a novelty tourist shop near me. Being the idiot that I was, I stole a wad of cash from the store. It was $100 in ones. I told nobody, but they knew it was missing.

Right about the same time, a coworker who was always trying to get me fired was telling someone she got about $100 in tips from her other job. They ended up firing her because they didn’t trust that it wasn’t her.

2. From squeamish:

When I was young (probably around age 9 or 10) I was walking home with my dog from a house around the block when he cut the corner and walked diagonally through the yard of this super mean old lady who lived at the end of our street.

She was in her yard at the time tending to these really fancy-looking rose bushes she had growing in beds along the border with her neighbor.

My dog was a very friendly golden retriever who didn't even really come near her and certainly didn't do anything threatening, but she sprayed the f*ck out of him with some kind of insecticide or other chemical she was using on her roses.

I ran back home with the dog and hosed him off. He coughed a bunch, but seemed otherwise fine. I didn't tell my parents because somehow I thought I was going to get into trouble for letting the dog walk in her yard.

I'm glad I didn't tell them, though, because I decided that night to sneak downstairs, out the half-bath window, and down the street to her yard where I cut down every goddamn rose bush I could get my hands on.

3. From Nozerone:

When I was younger I lived with my grandmother. Not long after I turned 18 her health started to decline, that sort of decline that you know means she won't be around for much longer. Over the months I did my best to take care of her.

Getting her to the hospital when she needed, and other things. We had someone coming every day to help her with things I couldn't.

Well, what my family doesn't know is that the night she passed, I was in the living room watching TV. My dog was in bed with my grandma, and I started to hear him whimper, and bark. I knew that if I acted I could potentially save her.

I didn't want to watch her suffer anymore though, to watch her live with so much pain, and unable to do anything for herself anymore. So I made the choice to let her pass before making any calls.

She lived to 92, and the only regret I have is that she passed a month after I would have graduated if I hadn't been kicked out of school. She had been in good enough health at the time to go to my graduation. I still kick myself for how stupid I was.

Edit: I didn't expect this much support. Thanks. I'm not too torn up about letting her pass, I knew it was for the best. She was such a great person, she didn't deserve to live in such a poor manner any longer than she already had.

I don't regret what I did, I regret what I had done that got me kicked out of school, that I didn't try and make it to graduation for her. I think I've lived my life so far in a way that she'd be proud of.

Not graduating before she passed is the only regret I really have in this life so far, and I'm 35 now. So I think I'm doing pretty good.

4. From gotanycrisps:

I had an IBS attack once and had to violently sh*t in a church grounds behind someone’s car. Used underwear to wipe too and left that there. Not proud.

5. From kcolxx93:

I found my adoption papers a few years ago when I was looking for a copy of my birth certificate. I know my birth mom I just never had a relationship with her. My maternal grandmother took me in in 2002.

I never knew she adopted me I just knew that one day I ended up living with her after telling her one day I don’t want to go back home lol. I also found the letter that my mom wrote as to why she was giving me up. That one really hurt.

My grandma is really the sweetest person ever I’m forever grateful for her 🥹💚 but I just wanted to say now that I’m older I understand why my mom did what she did and believe it or not we actually have a cordial relationship now lol.

6. From dirtbagmagee:

My wife, her mom, and I bought a house about two years ago. Just from talking to the neighbors, I’d gathered that the family who lived here before had a daughter that was mixed up with the wrong people.

We had some random person knock on our door at night saying he needed gas (we are down a long driveway, no way you’d randomly walk up to OUR house to ask for help). I think he was looking for the people who used to live here.

Then another time Sunday morning making pancakes for the family I get a knock on the door and it’s four sheriffs officers saying they received a 911 call that hung up and it was from the house, we don’t have a landline.

I assured them my wife and two-year-old did not make any call, they mentioned a name of the previous occupants and I let them know we moved in earlier this year and they seemed okay with that and left.

Anyways I was doing some yard work and struck up conversation with the neighbor, he saw the police cars and asked what was up, I told him the situation.

He just goes “oh yeah that family was messed up, the cops were probably being cautious considering the shooting.”

'What shooting?' I ask, he kinda looks at me with a sad worried face “The shooting in your house.”

'Wait what?' I say truly baffled. He then proceeds to tell me that about two years before the father in the house confronted his daughter and boyfriend he didn’t like and shot and killed the boyfriend in the house.

Our state doesn’t have a disclosure law so we never knew, I was blown away, all the strange happenings made sense now. He said the friends of the victim had kinda terrorized them for awhile cause the police were taking so long to press charges.

Slashed tires, midnight fireworks, odd sh*t that the neighbors hated. I was shocked but just said “That’s crazy, but hey do me a favor and never tell my wife or MIL about that, they are a little spooked by things like that.”

So the TLDR is that we live in a murder house and I’m the only one of my family that knows.

7. From CommonCarob2176:

When I was 16, I conspired with a heroin addict I met online to help me off myself with heroin and dump my body in a dumpster in exchange for my valuables. I lived in a small town and he was in a bigger city where my school had an upcoming trip.

We planned for me to slip away during the trip and meet up with him to do the deed. He chickened out last minute and ghosted me.

8. From IndependenceItchy169:

I was married for 13 years to my best friend. We had what I thought was a great, easy marriage. One day our five yo daughter told me he was having her perform oral s*x on him. I was shocked, devastated, and afraid.

He was one of those fun guys everyone loves to be around. I immediately called the police and he was arrested. When they started investigating him they found out that he had been arrested while in college for exposing himself to very young boys.

He only got a slap on the wrist that time because he came from a very wealthy family. One of his uncles was Governor of the State we lived in. I was so ashamed I told our friends that he had an affair.

But the truth was he was in prison for five years. I picked up the pieces, sent our daughter to therapy, and spent the next 15 years being a mother. Paying for private school, cool trips, etc. She was my life.

Then when she went to college he reached out to her over Facebook. When I saw she was communicating with him I was shocked, devastated and afraid all over again.

I called and told her that she was an adult but I thought she should be careful because he’s not safe. She hung up on me and has not spoken to me since. That was four years ago.

I send her $40,000 a year still to pay for her medical school. It’s all been almost unbelievable. Thank you for allowing me to share it here.

9. From Successful-Remove738:

My brother and I did a 23 and me. We discovered we have a half-sibling, same father, who is older than us. I messaged them but no reply.

Since the half-sibling is older, it was during my father’s military career (which was short-lived because he got a dishonorable discharge that he hides from his family still).

10. From Cardinal270:

My grandpa was stationed in Okinawa, Japan during the Korean war, while in the Marines. He hooked up with a woman there, and she got pregnant. So, I have a Japanese aunt and a few cousins, in Japan, whom I’ve never met before.

11. From agreatkingxerxes:

Two years ago one of my best friends and I went halfsies on a f*ck ton of Xanax. On June 8th, we both took Xanax from the batch we split. I woke up, he didn’t.

No one knows I had anything to do with the drugs that killed him, and I don’t know if I can ever bring myself to tell someone.

12. From JacPhlash:

My wife and I aren't officially married. No one knows. We had a ceremony and everything, reception...the whole nine yards. We just never did the official paperwork.

We realized that since she's going back to school, it benefits her financially to go through financial aid as 'single' rather than 'married.'

When she finishes up, we're going to head over to town hall and finish the last step.

13. From adamsfan:

One of my closest co-workers, who is an integral part of our corporation killed a man in his late teens and threw the body in a lake. He got off on a technicality. I work remotely so I don’t build a lot of personal relationships with people I work with regularly.

I googled his full name. It freaked me out at first. But I’ve kinda gotten over it. I wonder if anyone else knows. It happened 40+ years ago. He will retire soon and then I might ask another co-worker about it. I just don’t want to stir the pot.

14. From LikeChicken:

Most people in my family think that my mother recently died suddenly from complications due to cancer, but she really died from the toxic effects of Oxycodone, Morphine, Fentanyl and Methampetamine.

Seems as though she just had herself a secret death party.

15. From annnd_we_are_boned:

I've been an accessory to both my parents infidelity. At age 5, my mother cheated on my dad while he was deployed and my brother told me what was happening and that I shouldn't tell anyone.

My father slept with his secretary two years later (for a few years) and would even bring me on dates with her telling my mother we were going to the movies.

He took me to her house and had her roommate watch me while they went out or just hung out in her room. They're still married I don't know if either know the other did the thing or if they still are doing the thing.

Edit: To everyone saying maybe they're in an open or poly relationship, sure maybe they are but I doubt it considering their views on most everything.

Also if they were in one then they should have explained it to us instead of sneaking around and telling us not to tell the other parent and maybe don't bring your kid on your house dates.

If they were then IMO their behavior goes from sh***y for involving their kids in their infidelity to sh***y that they involved their kids in a lifestyle without explaining it to them and making their kids think that they were cheating on each other.

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