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15 people share what improved their life so much they wish they did it sooner.

15 people share what improved their life so much they wish they did it sooner.


Every one, no matter how good their life is, is on board with improving their life even more.

For most of us, improvements come slowly, through a process of trial and error, until we find what works best for us. But luckily, the world is full of other people finding what works, so we can take a note from their book when it comes to overall life improvement.

In a popular post on Ask Reddit, people shared habits that improved their life so much they wish they'd done them sooner.

1. From teabagalomaniac:

This is a situationally specific one, but breaking up. It's true what they say, you don't realize how f**ked up your life was until you get some time to see things from the outside.

2. From AccioNimbus:

Moving into a steady-paced job that respects work/life balance. Prior to this, I was at a cut-throat tech company who was running a million miles an hour to grow as fast as possible. The strain it took on my mental health surprised me.

I’ve never been prone to anxiety or panic attacks, but it showed up after about a year at this job and made life hell. Now, it’s a totally different story.

I can think clearly, actually talk to coworkers and peers, and have a life away from work. 10/10 would recommend.

3. From ThehillsarealiveRia:

Pushing my doctor to keep investigating why I was losing hair. I was losing hair for years, thought it was just aging or hormones. Had many tests and many expensive visits to specialists with no answers.

My doctor ended up giving me a referral to a dermatologist as a last resort and was diagnosed with alopecia. Have been taking a tiny little tablet for four months and I have new hair growth everywhere.

I was able to have my first haircut in two years, not gonna lie it was a very emotional time and I cried. I had resigned myself to just keep losing hair until I was bald.


Drinking more water and replacing late night soda with tea.

5. From PeeperPeeps:

Went from 215 to 175 in about three months at 6'1''. Changed my whole life. Basically I downloaded a calorie counting app. Set the bitch to the most weight it would allow me to lose. And failed every single day.

However, by getting remotely close I was beating my old gluttonous self into submission. I was manic but I did it.

There were weekends where I wanted to party and drink but didn't want to blow up my calorie budget so I would only eat a sandwich and drink like 900 calories of light beer and get super wasted.

I ate the fanciest most luxurious meals with every bit of fat and crap I wanted...but they were tiny. I counted everything and weighed everything like a nut. It changes something in your mind counting every gram of food.

You start to Rainman meals and their value to diet derailment ratio. I would never suggest doing it like me, but...I lost the f**king weight in three months and that was 6 years ago and I never went back.

Instead, I became confident and am now addicted to going to the gym and walking an hour every day. Losing weight makes you And when you love yourself you just walk on air.6.

7. From SolelyforBI:

Drinking lots of water. Eliminated my headaches, helped me pee clear and I am pretty sure it helped with my sodium levels too (I think).

8. From Actuaryba:

Realizing that in most instances, the feelings of others are not my responsibility and I don’t have to carry that burden.

9. From Ebvardh-Boss:

Exercise, 100%. I wish I had started in my early teens, and I wish I exercised some measure when eating.

I think I recently saw this girl called LeanBeefPatty that said you should ideally aim at 6-8/10 in a scale of fullness. I’ve been living my life going for a 12 every time.

10. From Justasadgrandma:

Learning how to manage my money. I used to spend everything I had on whatever I wanted. I was never taught how to save money. Now it's so satisfying to have savings.

Something as simple as making a sandwich instead of getting fast food can really add up. And when payday comes around, I transfer whatever is left in my checking account to my savings account.

11. From ThePluckyPulsar:

Learning to say no. And that 'No.' is a complete sentence.

12. From solorfainiel:

Mood stabilizers for my bipolar disorder. Holy smokes I’m a completely different human.

13. From NewGuyInBasement:

So underrated. Stop worrying about things you cannot change, and just accept it and focus on the positive things.

This guy once told me: You were invited to a party with 100 people, everything is free and all people are extremely friendly and likes you and wants your attention.

But right before you were going home, you ran into this one guy, and he says “you are a f**king loser, everyone thinks you are sh*t”.

Then he asked this question to me: When you arrive home and lay in your bed. Will you think about the 99 people who really enjoyed your company, or this one guy who didn’t?

I bet most people will say that one guy, but why? Think about it. And start exercise folks, it makes life so much better.

14. From emmyanjef:

Getting off TikTok. Once I realized how often I was being triggered by content, I deleted the app and never looked back. I’m so much happier, spending less money, and grateful for what I have rather than trying to keep up with the Joneses.

I’ve also finished a stack of books I’ve been waiting to read!

15. From Katarama1111:

Sobriety. I accepted my alcoholism but it still took 5 more years of drinking to reach my low and receive that gift of desperation.

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