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15 people share the most awkward story they've been told by their partner's family.

15 people share the most awkward story they've been told by their partner's family.


We all know the scene.

You bring your partner home to meet the family, only to be immediately humiliated by mom's regaling of your 6th grade talent show, or the first time you 'discovered your body.'

Suddenly, you're reminded of all the reasons you put off this meeting in the first place.

As awkward as these moments can be for the one put on blast, they're almost always as awkward for the partner watching it all go down. But after the fact, it can all make for a good laugh.

In a popular Reddit thread, people shared the most awkward or embarrassing story they've been told about their partner, and it proves all families thrive on embarrassment.

1. From OP:

We were having dinner and my boyfriend's mother was telling a story of how there was one time when he was in high school, she tried to prod him awake for school and accidentally touched his crotchal area.

He then joked that after that happened, she told his grandmother that whoever he marries is one lucky girl. Cue awkward laughter. Then she turns to me and nods proudly.

Cue more awkward laughter from around the table (which sits the rest of their family). Then she exclaims, 'No really, it's true, it's true!'

2. From novaposter:

About 2 months into dating my ex I stayed round her house. We get it on during the night, roll over and fall asleep. Next morning I go downstairs to make a cup of tea and bump into her brother.

Brother: I thought you guys had dinner before you got here?

Me: Yeah we did, how come?

Brother: Well, it sounded like she enjoyed her Chinese last night.

Couldn't look the dude in the eyes for a couple of weeks...

Edit: Yes, I can confirm I'm Asian.

3. From bushel:

Big Thanksgiving dinner. My freshly betrothed wife with me, meeting most of the extended family for the first time. My wife is originally from Arkansas, but moved away years ago and doesn't have much of an accent.

My mother decides to be a smart a*s and asks my wife, loudly, 'So when are you two going to have kids?'

My wife, smiles, drops into the trashiest of white-trash accents, and responds, 'Well, I been a swallowing and a swallowing, but ain't nothin' done caught yet.'

I do believe that was the first time I've seen my mother speechless.

4. From BotanyBabe:

I was told the exact dimensions of a former boyfriend's dad's dick. I don't know why his wife thought I would want to know that but it was all I could think about whenever I saw him.

5. From supposed2bworking:

My ex's mother used to ask her daughter, in front of me, if I was good in bed. She would answer. The mother would make suggestive comments about how I look like I'd be good in bed. On another note, her mom was a fox.

6. From bemblu:

When he was still in high school, my boyfriend had a small group of our friends over one night for a movie.

We were in the middle of watching Total Recall (1990) on Laserdisc when his mom came downstairs and proceeded to tell everyone that he was conceived after his parents came home from seeing the film in the theater.

I still love Total Recall, but now it is tainted.

7. From megustanpanqueques:

Having dinner with my boyfriend, his family, and his family friends he goes down the shore with every year.

His family friend decides to tell us about how at a young age (let's say 4?) my boyfriend went on one of those swinging big boat rides and really enjoyed himself.

When he got off, he apparently got a s**t-eating grin on his face and exclaimed, 'that tickled my p*nis.' The rest of the evening ended up being filled with questions about what tickles his p*nis these days.

8. From nasalgoat:

I was 17, and at my new girlfriend's house having dinner with her family. She was wearing a sweater, and in the middle of the meal, her mother said 'Oh, look how big your boobs are in that sweater!' to her daughter.

I turned beet red. Her family was kinda Jesus-y so it was an extra shock.

9. From CourtOfMiracles:

Not long after eloping, my (now ex-) wife and I went to her conservative family's for Thanksgiving. It was my first time meeting any of her extended family.

Mother-in-law: Why don't you sit over here next to Grandma. Grandma: He's afraid I'll rape him! room erupts into awkward laughter Me: You can't rape the willing, Grandma. dead silence

10. From no_talent_a*s_clown:

My ex hated to get his hands dirty or sticky. My ex-MIL told me that, when he was in his teens, he ate fried chicken with rubber gloves on. Regularly.

11. From cdr268:

I was reliably informed by my girlfriend's mother that my GF gets thrush a lot due to the contraceptive pill she's on. This was after about 3 days of dating.

I look over to see my distraught girlfriend close to tears, I admit I was thinking of ways to leave, mostly because her mother was clearly problematic because no one in their right mind would come out with that to their daughter's new BF.

But eventually, I saw sense and have been with said girl for the last 5 years and wouldn't change that fact.

12. From medicalixx:

When I was in high school, I dated a girl who had the craziest mom of all time. The mother told me that the only way I could hang out with her daughter on a Friday night was by accompanying them to Temple (I'm catholic).

So one day I decided to go with them. It was my gf, her mom, and her 4-year-old nephew.

When we got there, the nephew said he had to go to the bathroom so the mom asked if I would take him into the men's restroom because he was 'getting too old to go into the women's restroom'.

When he and I got into the bathroom, I helped him do his business and then proceeded to try and take a piss. When I stood next to the urinal, the kid walks over to me and puts his head like a foot away from my dick and just stares at it.

I felt incredibly uncomfortable so I just zipped up and brought him back to the mom and my gf. After Temple, we drove to my gf's oldest brother's apartment so we could give his kid back to him.

Unfortunately, we stayed there just long enough for the kid to draw a picture of his 'family'. He drew a picture of himself, his dad, and his mom standing together.

Standing close by was a picture of my gf and I, his grandma, and my gf's other brother.

However, since this kid was quite young, he drew all stick figures. But for the men, he gave them all dicks. All of the dicks in the picture were roughly the same size; hanging to about mid-thigh.

However, my stick was on hanging to the floor. When asked why he drew it this way, he responded by saying that I have a huge pee pee.

I got some extremely weird looks directly after that but to make matters worse, my girlfriend confirmed it with her whole family. In front of me.

13. From monamona75:

My boyfriend grew up around girls. Only girls. He was subjected to make up, dresses, pink stuff, and Shania Twain.

His mother recently told me that when he was around 4-6 years old, he would sit in the shower and try to shave his legs whilst singing 'Feel Like a Woman.'

14. From GreasyPancakes:

My mother thought it would be fine to tell my ex that I had spent several nights with a stripper she had set me up with. (My mother didn't know at the time of encouraging the date she was a stripper but apparently now likes to brag about it).

15. From swampfish:

I like to travel. The first time I met my ex-wife's mother we were talking about Thailand and other places. That's when she told everyone about how those Asian women put on good sex shows.

When she noticed the puzzled look on all our faces she continues that at one of the shows she saw there was a woman having sex with a donkey. Nice to meet you too. Sometimes I miss that family.

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