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15 people share the most common life traps they see people fall into.

15 people share the most common life traps they see people fall into.


Life is a maze full of fun doors of opportunity and traps you can sink into.

Unfortunately for all of us, it's much easier to see the traps from the outside. When someone else is selling themselves short, we can see it clearly.

But when we're doing it ourselves? That's an entirely different story.

In a popular Ask Reddit thread, people shared the biggest life traps they see others fall into.

1. From Ecstatic-Appeal-5683:

You gotta be your own advocate. If you think other people will fix the problems you have, you're gonna have a bad time.

2. From isthisagoodusernamee:

Thinking too much of what others think of them or how they are perceived. I think this goes along with self-esteem but I started feeling a lot better about myself when I let go of the fear of judgment.

3. From shimattzu:

Thinking that you're running out of time to do something because someone else has done it already.

4. From skinnyfatguyuk:

Never letting go of the past, that can kill you I swear.

5. From abqkat:

Sleepwalking into marriage or living together because 'it's time' or nothing is really wrong, it's just not right. I've seen it unfold IRL way too many times.

And I'm 43, and the first wave of divorces, 2nd wave of marriages is in full swing, and while the window dressing differs on each of them, there are underlying realities in all the ones that don't work out

6. From kukukele:

Lifestyle inflation.

Feeling the need to upgrade cars, houses, jewelry, etc to keep up with your peers.

7. From Aukstesne_uz_tave:

Doing nothing because of fear of rejection.

8. From Usr_115:

Putting things off. We could do it more as kids because someone was there to pick up the slack, or stay on top of you to get something done. But as an adult, the consequences of waiting on stuff slaps you hard.

9. From Temporays:

Just because you have spare money at the end of the month doesn’t mean you need to spend it.

10. From gaveuptheghost:

Waiting too long for 'perfect', like the perfect soulmate, house, job, etc., and then letting too many good opportunities pass by.

11. From DirectRadish3459:

Not knowing how to use credit cards right. I didn't know this was gonna go crazy, I do have a YouTube video on how they can help and hurt you.

12. From pgsnzen77:

Letting other people define success for them rather than defining it for themselves.

13. From UneditedHorseChit:

Working a job you hate because it pays well but you’re miserable.

14. From wistfulmaiden:

Having an elaborate expensive wedding that does nothing but stress everyone out and bankrupt you.

15. From ohiobiguy:

Fear of missing out (FOMO).

Fear of not measuring up.

Bringing on self-decay due to comparing oneself to others.

Believing that what people show you of themselves is true. It's rarely ever even close.

Thinking your 'education' was complete in HS or college.

Failing to understand that your darkest secret, the one that holds you hostage, with shame, is the same thing everyone else struggles with.

'That which is most personal is most universal.'

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