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15 people share their 'controversial opinion' that makes other people angry.

15 people share their 'controversial opinion' that makes other people angry.


We all know the saying about opinions being like a**holes.

While it doesn't always hold true, there is a certain truth around the fact that others often don't want to know our most edgy opinions. Not because of a lack of curiosity, but because they might get angry and don't want the drama.

All of us, no matter how agreeable we try to be, have some topic that brings out the contrarian in us. In some cases, even the simple act of not having an opinion is enough to get people's goat.

In a popular Reddit post, people shared their 'most controversial opinion' that either makes other people angry, or makes them look 'crazy,' and it'll likely make you feel less alone in your own opinionated quirks.

1. From cosmic_gallant:

Cashiers should able to sit down. And listen to music. And hunt some customers for sport, if they so choose. No, I'm not a cashier.

2. From Plesiadapiformes:

I'm 75% in the camp that we should do away with daylight savings. So not passionately committed, but I find it annoying. I told my husband this and you'd think I told him I thought the Earth was flat with how incredulous he was about it.

3. From No_Recommendation853:

Stoner culture is f**king annoying. We get it. You smoke weed. Your life is soooo great. But stoners who's entire personality is being stoned are the most f**king annoying people on the planet.

4. From questionforthecactus:

Mandatory reporting increases suicides. The research exists.

Being impulsively suicidal because you lack proper coping mechanisms or have a chemical imbalance is not the same as doing everything in your power to better your life and being trapped in a situation where you have no quality of life.

Individually insurmountable systemic barriers exist but we would rather pathologize normal human reactions that actually help.

What people trapped in these situations need is not to be robbed of autonomy / taken into a mandatory hold and away from time-sensitive s**t but for their material needs to be met.

Going through s**t you literally cannot fix alone and not even being able to talk about it without risking making an already barely survivable situation worse makes people more suicidal.

That we think therapy is the answer to much more complex societal problems is survivorship bias. I.e. therapy has its place but it shouldn't be a crutch.

Less people will need therapy if they have their basic needs met, and that is where we should be throwing money.

5. From Daakuryu:

People should be allowed to die with medical assistance if they want to.

6. From ruby_rhiannon:

Money does buy happiness.

7. From redbombs:

You should be required to retake your driving test every 10 years. 9.7/10 times I'm almost in an accident it's because of some old a**hole that has a 7-second reaction time.

8. From MettatonNeo1:

I absolutely HATE romance in my media.

9. From melodykk91:

A person can absolutely be addicted to pot. It is habit forming.

10. From Necrospeaker:

Disney is objectifying minority groups in order to drive free, viral controversy as advertising.

11. From neighborsponge:

Rehabilitation should be favored over punishment in most cases.

12. From Glad_Formal9144:

A middle ground is most of the time the best solution but people are so stuck up and villainize the other side that they wont agree unless its their way.

13. From Lamont_Dupont:

Older people who have aged well are the most attractive of all.

14. From innerlemons_:

I hate camping. Being isolated and far away from other people makes me feel anxious, not peaceful. If there's a mosquito in the same zip code it will find me.

Every time I've been camping my air mattress deflates or I wake up soaking wet in the middle of a rainstorm. I like being outside, but when the day is over, I want to sleep in a real bed in a room with electricity.

That disappoints a lot of people I've met.

15. From iceman_x2:

I’m probably gonna catch a lot of flak for this but…there is a big difference between curvy and fat 🤷🏽‍♂️.

Most people that I see call themselves curvy are actually fat, not curvy.

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