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15 people share the creepiest and most disturbing 'unsolved mysteries.'

15 people share the creepiest and most disturbing 'unsolved mysteries.'


The world is full of mystery, but some mysteries are far more haunting than others.

For example, the mystery of where all our socks disappear to in the dryer may not be on par with a creepy story of murder, disappearance, and intrigue. Unfortunately for those involved, our world is full of a lot of wild and disturbing mysteries.

In a popular Reddit thread, people shared the creepiest and most disturbing 'unsolved mysteries' and they will have you donning a detective hat and vying for justice.

1. From Abandoned_Cosmonaut:

The Ibadan Forest of Horror in Nigeria. A local taxi driver goes missing and his friends create a makeshift search party and investigate a forest.

Instead of finding their friend, they find an abandoned school (or factory) that have the remnants of a hellish torture/murder, ritual k*lling and human tr*fficking.

Eight survivors were rescued. Numerous body parts, rotting corpses, and personal artifacts were found. The perpetrators were never found - although local politicians and ritualists were suspects.

Whilst this discovery is disturbing, the mystery for me is that the original taxi driver - still hasn’t been found.

2. From losingmydognity:

I am an avid unresolved mysteries reader, and I don’t know why it has stuck with me, but Karlie Guse. 16-year-old girl called her stepmother to pick her up from a party, she was too scared to sleep because she thought someone would kill her.

The next day she disappeared. There were some weird interviews and dynamics between step-parents and birth parents and a bunch of theories abound.

3. From jayne-eerie:

A lesser-known one that sticks with me is Celina Mays. Twelve years old, nine months pregnant, disappears from her room overnight. She didn’t bring any belongings with her, and neither she or the baby have ever been found.

Her dad and his family were involved with a shady church, but there’s no proof they know what happened to her.

The obvious theory is that her baby’s father killed her and hid the body to avoid statutory rape charges, but nobody knows (or will admit to knowing, anyhow) who he was.

4. From Toolboxmcgee:

As a diver I find the disappearance of Ben McDaniels to be super interesting. They say he went into a cave and never came out, but some the world's top cave divers looked for him and never found a body.

The only evidence that he went diving were staged gas bottles but they were filled with normal air not any sort of mixture or anything. The owner of Vortex Springs, where Ben went missing, also died mysteriously the year after.

5. From ed_thom:

The murder of Lindsay Buziak, a case close to home for me that I don’t see mentioned as much as it should. A relatively junior realtor in Victoria, British Columbia is showing a luxury home to some clients and the clients murdered her.

The clients (a man and a woman) cold-called her saying they needed to find something to buy ASAP. She was apprehensive to show the property by herself and asked that her boyfriend come or wait outside or something.

Turns out the boyfriend was running late and arrived as the murder just occurred, but I don’t believe he saw anything as the suspects fled through the backdoor. It’s believed that she was the victim of a professional hit for some unknown reason.

Also, the cell phone that was used to contact her was purchased by someone with an alias in Vancouver 6 or so months prior and was only ever used to contact her. Here’s the Wikipedia:

6. From 1GamingAngel:

Jessica Chambers. She was set on fire in her car and had gasoline poured down her throat. Paramedics found her walking down the lane on fire. The only part of her body that wasn’t burned was the bottom of her feet.

She did not survive. Police found a suspect but did not have enough evidence to charge him. Paramedics were so traumatized by what they saw, they had to go through therapy, and broke down on stage during interviews.

She tried to name her attacker, but her throat was so destroyed, she couldn’t be understood.

7. From wedoabitoftrolling:

Missy Bevers. A suspect in full SWAT armor breaks into a church and smashes windows and breaks opens doors with a hammer, looking for a local fitness instructor. They then find and beat her to death before getting away.

There is high-quality surveillance video of both them and their car, but investigators couldn't make out the license plate. There has been a suspect who was cleared because of an alibi, and there have been no recent updates.

8. From Pete_D_301:

In my opinion, it's the City of San Francisco train derailment that occurred in Harden, NV on 08/12/1939.

The train, run by the Southern Pacific Railroad at the time, derailed at a bridge over the Humboldt River at a speed range of 60-90 mph. The accident resulted in 24 fatalities and multiple injuries.

Days later, Investigators discovered tools at the bottom of the Humboldt River, determining that the wreck was caused by sabotage of the rails.

9. From Stock_Garage_672:

One case that baffles and fascinates me is that of the Eriksson sisters. They are said to have suffered from a shared psychosis known as 'folie à deux'. But what the heck is that and what caused it?

They're the forty-year-old twin sisters from Sweden, who became front-page news in the UK in 2008 when they repeatedly ran into traffic on the M6 motorway.

A day or two later one of them, Sabina, stabbed a man to death in his home for no apparent reason. She fled the house, striking herself on the head with a hammer as she ran to a highway bridge.

She jumped off, falling 12m and landing on a highway. She survived, with several fractures. I've heard the audio from a tv news crew who happened to capture part of the M6 incident.

I just can't forget one of them yelling at her sister about how 'they'll steal your organs.' Whatever happened to them was intense, sudden, and largely unprecedented.

10. From NotSeren:

For me, the Tylenol poisonings are just off putting with how easy it was, how widespread the poisonings were, how the guy was never caught, and the lost lasting impact of the incident.

11. From jnrdingo:

The disappearance of the Beaumont Children The Beaumont Children are siblings who disappeared in 1966, there are still to this day investigations going on to try and find the remains of these children.

There have been foundations of sheds and houses dug up. The children have never been found and the suspect(s) has never been identified.

12. From OtakuSoze:

The Setagaya family m*rder.

Late on the night of December 30th, 2000 in Setagaya, Tokyo, a man broke into the house of a family of four, strangled the son in his bed, stabbed the father, and brutally k*lled the mother and daughter.

The killer then spent hours in the house eating their food, using their toilet, and going through their paperwork like he owned the place, and eventually left, never to be found since.

13. From whatislife40:

Honestly, the Cape intruder isn't disturbing just weird as hell. During the night in Cape Maine in like 2005 people who kept their doors unlocked would wake up to find a man staring at them and he would quickly flee.

No people were ever injured and nothing was ever stolen. They just watched people sleep apparently.

14. From ItsSebjustSeb:

The West Mesa Bone Collector: The bones of dozens of women were found at a construction site, no other clues.

15. From BlueFalconPunch:

The axeman of New Orleans.

Guy was murdering people but wrote a letter that he wouldn't kill anyone who played jazz in their home. Never caught.

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