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15 people share the creepy and unbelievable stories they haven't told anyone.

15 people share the creepy and unbelievable stories they haven't told anyone.


Have you ever experienced something so creepy you didn't tell anyone, because you knew how outlandish it would sound?

The most unforgettable stories are often hard to relay, because they sound like they were pulled out of the description of a movie.

In a popular Ask Reddit thread, people shared their creepiest and most unbelievable stories they can't tell anyone.

1. From Sol_bear:

I was out for a walk early one morning in a forest preserve, that’s usually pretty empty. I start coming around a corner and I can see a car that’s parked in the grass just outside of a parking lot.

I think it’s strange, but keep on walking. I’m probably like 50 feet from the car now and suddenly the trunk pops open, the car alarm starts going off and the driver-side door opens.

I’m coming from the passenger side and can’t see the driver but I get a bad feeling about the situation. I still keep walking on the path and come around where I can see the driver's side of the car.

A guy is sitting in the car's driver seat and starts to wave me over to him, he throws up his hands and says “I’m not sure what’s going on could you come help me.” I tell him nah he’s on his own, without breaking my stride and keep moving.

He throws his hands up again and turns off the car alarm gets out and shuts the trunk then gets in and drives away. I’m creeped out so once he’s outta sight I double back and walk the opposite way just to be safe.

I walk back probably like the 30 mins it takes to get to the lot where I parked my car. When I’m getting close I hear that car alarm going off again. I’m freaking out now but didn’t want to walk back into the woods again so I keep going to the parking lot.

When I get there that same car is parked with its trunk open, car alarm going off and the driver's door opens. The guy is already talking to someone else in the parking lot, he sees me come into the lot looks at me for a minute.

Then shuts off the car alarm closes the trunk and drives away again. I just booked it to my car and called the park rangers but they didn’t believe anything was weird about it. I’m like 90% sure that dude was trying to kidnap someone.

2. From thedankbank1021:

When I was a child, I was running around the house. I think I was home alone, my mom had run next door to the neighbor. My dad was at work. I heard the door open and close. 'Mom?' No answer.

I heard footsteps downstairs that were too heavy for my mom. I freaked out and decided I needed to hide. I was next to the laundry room, so I ran in there, and buried myself in a pile of dirty clothes.

The footsteps came up the stairs. I heard the footsteps go down the hallway to my sister's bedroom, then mine, then my parent's room. Then the steps came to the laundry room. I heard heavy breathing. They stood there.

It felt like forever. Then they left. I heard the front door open and close again. But I was paralyzed in fear. I stayed there, under the dirty clothes, until my mother came home and called my name.

She thought it was all in my head when I told her what happened.

3. From evilbrain18:

I drove an old SUV back in college. After school, I drove home (about a 30-minute drive). I was getting dressed at home when the car alarm went off, so I rushed out and discovered the car door open with the radio head unit and all speakers gone.

I was thinking this guy works fast. Reported it to the police and after a couple of weeks, they found the thief and asked me to go to the police station. At the police station, the officer told me I had to hear something from the thief.

When I confronted him he told me that he was able to get into my car at the car park near my school and I unexpectedly arrived so he dove and lied flat in the third row. So I was driving home with an unknown passenger all the time.

When I arrived home and locked the car that was the time he removed the items and when he opened the door that's when the alarm triggered. TLDR: I unknowingly drove a thief back to my house.

4. From infusidicienes:

When I was like 12ish (I think) I went to universal studios with my friend for his birthday. While we were in line for the tram, some random guy on the other side of the chain grabbed my neck between his thumb and finger.

It was so quick that by the time I turned around the guy was already gone. No one except my friend saw and to this day we still wonder why.

5. From Cherry_Koolaid:

Several years back, on a bright winter afternoon, I decided to take my nephew (then 7), my son (then 3) and my dog on a short hike at a local park. We were walking through the woods on a trail when my dog started barking.

I look over and see a man standing in the woods, about 50 feet away, facing us. I couldn't see his face because he had one of those fur-lined hoods on.

So with the distance and the shadows from the trees and his hood, from my perspective, there was nothing but a black hole where his face should be. I gave an awkward wave, but he remained motionless and I had a weird feeling.

I decided to just keep moving and making our way back to the car. I felt like we were being watched, so I looked back a few minutes later and the man was still just standing in the woods.

I knew he had moved because he was still about 50 feet away and we had walked quite a ways. My dog was growling and the kids and I were starting to get creeped out. We keep moving and I suddenly hear the sound of heavy footsteps in the snow.

I look back again and this time I caught the guy running in our direction, but he stopped as soon as I saw him and went back to just staring motionlessly from afar, now closer than he was before.

My dog was going nuts at this point and my mind was racing with possibilities, so I discretely gave my nephew my phone and quietly told him if anything happened, he needed to take his cousin and run as fast as they could to call for help.

I figured if anything, the dog and I could at least hold the guy off long enough for the kids to get away. I think my dog may have scared him off because he ended up turning around and going in the opposite direction.

I've never really told anyone because I don't want to come off as being dramatic.

6. From EvenTheDogIsFat:

My great-grandmother was in a nursing home after losing her mind. One day she started freaking out, screaming that “he shot himself, there’s blood everywhere” etc for half an hour.

They called my great-aunt to tell her that her mom was having an episode and they were adjusting her medication or whatever. Later we all found out that my uncle shot himself earlier in the day during a fight with his girlfriend.

7. From pottedplane:

I was on a bike ride with my friends through an apartment complex, we had gone there about 5 times and knew it quite well. There were two things weird about it.

First, there was this man with his phone to his face like he was on speaker but never said anything. He watched us as we biked past. When he noticed a spot we usually rode, he stood in our way, like literally would walk to where we rode and stand.

This may have been because we rode street on BMX, but I don't think so. Then one day we got split up, one of my friends with me and the other on his own. We rode around looking for my other friend but couldn't find him.

Eventually, we found him, he was biking toward us fast. We slowed down and asked where he was, he said that a guy had been following him In a truck. He was quite shaken up and someone called the police. They arrived and could not find the truck.

And nobody thought of mentioning the man. We never saw the man with the phone or the truck again. We never went back to the complex.

8. From AnalyzeThis5000:

When I was in college (in a not-great area) I lived in a building where you had to briefly go outside after parking in the garage to access the locked door to the stairwell. There were two stairwells, one on either side of the (quite long) garage.

The garage had one metal mesh door that lifted so you could drive in, but it was totally see-through.

One night I’m getting home late and grabbing all my crap from my car after parking, and then turn to see this massive dude (like 6’6”) in a hat and trench coat, standing right up against the mesh garage door dead center and staring straight at me.

I’m in the garage; he is outside, but he is directly in the path to the locked stairwell. I don’t want to show fear, so I take my time assembling all my stuff and several minutes later turn around and he has not moved, still silently staring.

I walk over to the bank of mailboxes, which is out of his line of sight, to form a plan. I wait another minutes and can hear him breathing. Then I got my key ready and took off running to the other end of the garage to get to the locked stairwell on that side.

Dear Reader, I just about sh*t myself when I heard heavy footsteps come pounding around the side of the building to the stairwell I was aiming for. Thank heavens I was able to unlock the door quickly, bust in and slam it behind me.

Never saw him again, but it was clear he figured out my plan and knew where the other stairwell was. I still get chills to this day when I think about what could have happened.

9. From FallingBackTogether:

When I was about 12 my family moved from a small house into an apartment for several months while waiting for construction on our new home to be completed.

It was a huge apartment complex but at the end of a long dead-end road and it bordered a large swampy, marshy area. Early one morning before school I went outside to collect leaves from the marsh for a science project.

I didn't actually go into the marsh and I was never out of sight of my building. But I suddenly felt like I was being watched. I started walking back to my apartment.

There was one building between me and my building, though I could still see my building. I saw a man walking in the same direction as me but at the opposite end of this long building and he was looking my direction.

So instead of continuing to my building I went in the door at the end of the building closest to me. There was a hallway that passed through, but I stood in the hallway for a longtime before going out the other side.

The man was standing at the corner watching for me, like he already knew I didn't live there. He laughed when he saw me come out and as I started for my building he was heading towards me.

I made it to the door of my building with half the yard still between us and he said 'I'll see you later sweetie.' My stepmom and dad insisted I was imagining it.

My dad was a police officer in that city, and when I was older and could ride along with him, he would talk about how awful those apartments were and how many registered sex offenders lived there, and how much he hated calls going there.

But he still denied my story ever happened.

10. From 7hom:

I went to bed one night and had this vivid dream of being in my grandma’s house. I was with a few friends and we were taking the wallpaper down, dragging the furniture out, etc. Basically emptying the place.

I opened the back door to look outside. It was pitch black. There were no stars, clouds, or anything. Just a void. I closed the door and went downstairs where a friend was painting using a roller.

He looked at me, dropped the roller and said: «I can’t stay here, this place is haunted.» As he ran out the room I woke up from my dad was knocking on my condo’s door.

He told me my grandma died during the night and he needed some help. Mind you I wasn’t particularly close with my grandma. She had alzheimers for a while. I don’t remember dreaming about her any other time.

Except another creepy dream I had years later. That being said, RIP grandma.

11. From Somethingclever1313:

In my 20s I used to see a man. He was always in my peripheral and never in my direct line of sight. I’d see him at work or at the store while buying groceries, always in public places. Every time I’d try to look at him he’d disappear.

This went on for many years to the point where I just ignored him being there. I never felt like he was bad/evil. He’d just stand there looking at me.

Finally one day I was at home getting something out of my car and I caught a glimpse of him standing in the street in front of my house. I kept him in my peripheral and I remember saying “I don’t know what you want, but you’re not welcome here.”

He was gone and I’ve only seen him maybe twice since. I’m 43 now and this freaks me out typing this.

12. From ulmncaontarbolokomon:

I had trouble sleeping as a child and would wake up in the middle of the night and go to my parents' room to sleep. I was a paranoid and sensitive child and I constantly thought there was someone at the foot of my bed or in the dark corners of my room.

One time, I still swear to this day, something (or someone) yanked my sheets off me one night and woke me up. I sat up and couldn't see anything, but needless to say, I didn't sleep that night.

I spent the whole night looking around and waiting for them to do it again so I could see them do it. I was 8 or 9 at the time. I would have this happen often. Where the sheets would get pulled off me (or at least that's how I experienced it).

This went on for years. One time this happened I crossed the hallway between my parents' bedroom and mine and there was this bright, blinding light coming from outside the window.

I still have that image stuck in my head, but I don't know what happened after I saw that light, I just remember the light.

13. From cbrantley:

One night when I was 15, I stayed over at my buddy’s house. His parents were gone and his older brother was looking after us. When we went to bed the house was quiet and dark.

I could barely see his bedroom door open slightly and I assumed it was my buddy’s brother checking in on us but then I realized that this person looking in on us was wearing glasses and my friend’s brother did NOT.

There was no one else in the house and I couldn't figure out who this person was. I was frozen in fear staring at this figure looking in on us when my buddy, who was in another bed on the other side of the room, started screaming at the top of his lungs.

I had never heard a more terrifying sound and my heart just dropped out of my chest. The person looking at us quickly backed out and the door was closed quietly.

A few seconds later we saw the light come on in the hallway and my friends' brother flew open the door asking what was wrong. We both started yelling that SOMEONE was just here.

The brother grabbed a baseball bat from his room and started searching the house. We checked the front and back doors and the garage but they were all locked. All the windows were closed. He looked in every closet and under the beds.

Needless to say, we spent the rest of the night in his room. None of us could sleep so we just stayed up all night talking. It was one of the most terrifying but also best nights of my life.

14. From Jinxed08_:

Was driving around on a foggy late night and saw someone riding a white horse in an old red military uniform. Did a u-turn and couldn’t find the rider.

15. From mt5z:

Years ago, when we were in our early 20, my sister tried to kill herself with some tablets. We were living in one apartment, having separate rooms. All of a sudden our dad calls me and asks panicked 'what's wrong with X, what's going on?!'

I answer that I don't know what he means and enter her room just to find her vomiting blood or whatever it was, I don't really know. I called the paramedics, she didn't die.

I don't know if she would if I didn't find her, maybe she threw up all the dangerous stuff. Maybe it's our father's hunch that saved her.​​​​​​​

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