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15 people share the dumbest thing they've seen someone spend their money on.

15 people share the dumbest thing they've seen someone spend their money on.


Money doesn't grow on trees, but the way some people spend would suggest it does. In a world flooded with unnecessary, absurd, and useless products, we all fall prey to sexy marketing and the desire to let off some steam at times. But not all money pits are created equally, some are infinitely dumber.

In a popular Reddit thread, people shared the dumbest thing they've seen someone spend their money on, and it'll make you feel less alone about your own fiscal regrets.

1. From Sub_pup:

I knew a girl who would spend all her money on scratchers and drugs. She would constantly go on about how when she finally won big she was going to move and get clean. Her grandmother gave her a 20 - 30k inheritance.

Nothing changed except how many scratchers she would buy. I saw her buy out whole rolls occasionally. She wised up with the last few thousand and put some advance rent on an apartment (was in a motel) and fixed her car. But that money was gone in less than 2 months.

2. From ineedanusername_:

An alarm clock coffee machine. It was me.

3. From clocks212:

My wife is in a lot of mom groups on Facebook. The amount of people who beg for help for their poor babies who won’t get any Christmas/birthday gifts who also show off brand-new giant tattoos is amazing.

She shows me every time she finds one of these people and it happens all the time. Usually multiple recent photos of them out drinking and partying as well. So yeah, there’s a lot of people out there who blow big money on tattoos and partying instead of setting aside a little bit of money for their kids.

4. From redheadedstepchild54:

My neighbors once spent all their money on a private firework show, then had to hide their cars from the repo man for months.

5. From sibipi3040:

I bought a cassette tape two weeks ago. I don't even have a way to play cassettes but I still bought it.

6. From slavnar95:

Oh my idiot niece. Like 5 years ago she was on Facebook begging because her 'husband' (they weren't married) was a firefighter and they were struggling with bills and were going to take an electronic riding toy for her daughter back for a refund.

This is in an area of VERY poor people with TONS of actual people in need. People on Facebook pooled money and bought a toy that the kid did NOT need vs letting them help people in actual need.

They lived with my mom, paid nothing in rent, and made a combined income of around 80k that year. No car payments. No rent. They blew it all going out to eat and stupid s**t like 3d printers (that he never figured out how to use) a drone ( used once) a bitcoin farming machine (never assembled).

And thousands on an exotic salt water tank and fish (they kept letting the fish die and would spend hundreds more on new fish), ferrets, exotic frogs and lizards, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits etc.

7. From sanidoh499:

I spent money on the app 'Pocketfrogs' about $20. It was to get better frogs.

8. From guy_w_dijon_on_shirt:

I spent a fair bit of money on NFTs. Somewhere in the range of 5k-10k. I made a bunch of paper gains but lost it all because (spoiler) NFTs are worthless. I understand blockchain technology and got excited by the hype & simple but intriguing art.

I feel unfathomably stupid whenever i think about the fact that i gave up 5-10% of my net worth for f**king NFTs lmao.

9. From beaniequeeny:

I dated a guy who would still use his debit card even when his account was over drafted because he didn’t realize he was charged overdraft fees for every transaction.

I had to explain to him his single snickers bar or bag of chips or whatever from the vending machine was now costing him an extra $35. And he did this multiple times every single shift he worked.

10. From BrianFrom97:

Gambling machines. I work in a bar room. People will play these machines for 12+ hours and never win. Then they Win $700 the next night and think they’re on’s insane. They look like zombies sitting there in a trance.

Once had to unplug the machine on a patron who would not leave for closing. Kept saying “5 more minutes.”

11. From Jay-Bird-1993:

Dude pre-paid $15,000 on his private pilot's license just to not finish it, now he and his family are struggling.

12. From DoAndroidsDrmOfSheep:

A friend of mine pays a service to come pick up the dog s**t in his yard that his dog leaves out there. He has kids. If it was me, I'd be making the kids go out and pick it up as part of their chores. They're not little kids. They're old enough to be doing s**t like that.

13. From aj_ramone:

Friend of mine spent close to $15K on a girl hoping to get laid. Clubs, bottle service, shopping trips, dinners etc. F**king high maintenance type, clearly leading him on but he thought she was worth it.

She walked out on him at a club because her rich friends showed up and ghosted him after that. Hilariously we find out she's a bartender at Red Robin now. So now we sing 'Duummmb' every time she comes up. Lmao

14. From simikoi:

Funko pop is the newest way to throw your money away. I have a nephew (ex-wife's nephew actually) in his mid 20s who spends every cent on ridiculous collections, his current is apparently Funko pop and he has hundreds.

15. From tropicalazure:

This is more of a serious one, because it's easy to see it as dumb, but it makes my blood boil every time I hear about it happening. Romance scams. We'd all like to think we wouldn't be so easily duped, and maybe that's the case.

But it floors me every time I read about some poor soul who has willingly parted with $20k or more, to help their long-distance military/spy/model/lumberjack-dad partner out of a sticky situation. We all might think 'How did the red flags not start going WAY up at that point?!'

But the reality is they were neck-deep in the illusion and even if they suspect something fishy might be going on, unfortunately, the louder voice often is the heart, not the head. That voice tells them that they alone are able to save this person that they've come to genuinely love.

Their feelings are 100% real, and to shatter that illusion must be so traumatizing, that it's perhaps easier to part with the money, than it is to imagine that you've been taken for a mug for potentially years.

It's disgusting and horrendous, and if I could, I would dearly LOVE to work in a job that helped prevent this happening to people.

Sources: Reddit
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