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15 people share examples of 'pretty privilege' they've seen in every day life.

15 people share examples of 'pretty privilege' they've seen in every day life.


Beauty standards are more than just an idea that makes you feel bad about yourself.

These standards are also reinforced by a culture that values conventional beauty everywhere from the dating pool to the workplace.

While attraction is subjective on an individual level, the widespread ideas of who is 'good looking' can make a big difference in how daily life functions.

In a popular Reddit thread, people shared everyday examples of pretty privilege they've witnessed or personally experienced.

1. From algy888:

My good looking friend became a cop. Within a year they were asking him to be their press guy. Why? Because he was 6’ 4” with a chiseled jaw and caring eyes.

2. From MySocialAnxiety-:

Military has Soldier/Sailor of the quarter/year awards (think employee of the month, but with a more formalized process and better benefits).

In order to get this award they take your job performance into consideration along with a series of interviews (verbal tests) judged against the other candidates.

This one guy seemed like a shoe-in, kept getting nominated, had everything going for him, but got runner-up like 3 times.

Now this guy has some truly f**ked up teeth, but he ended up getting them pulled/fixed/veneered/whatever. Next award cycle, he won.

3. From hrtbonz:

I remember being the weird unattractive girl growing up and anything I publicly liked in middle school was instantly labeled as cringe and embarrassing and would literally be made fun of for ANYTHING I enjoyed.

However, when my classmate (a really cute looking girl) liked niche things they suddenly became interested and she was highkey a trendsetter. Sometimes she would discover things I was being made fun of for liking few months before and they were suddenly not cringe anymore. It's funny.

4. From Bizarre_Protuberance:

I once signed a 3-year contract with a waste disposal company without bothering to get alternative quotes, and I'm pretty sure it was because the saleswoman was gorgeous.

5. From concerned-24:

I NEVER got weed for free when I was fat.

6. From nerdy_latino:

I had a friend at work who used to be a model. Pretty, tall, skinny... really a model. She used to get a lot of opportunities at work for 'apparently no reason'. She hated that. Felt like that was a form of harassment.

7. From TheUnblinkingEye1001:

I am a volunteer manager at a pop culture convention every fall. The extremely attractive attendees get to bypass lines, are given free upgrades and perks, and are treated with a lot more deference than your average attendees.

Every fall I have to train, retrain, and then train again the newer volunteers to treat all attendees with an exceptional level of customer service.

I hardly ever let the new male volunteers hand out the free swag because I know it will just be handed to the next Sexy that comes along.

I may be guilty of reverse pretty privilege because I go out of my way to give perks and swag to people who look like they don't usually get them.

8. From gfunk2718:

More of a widespread pattern than a particular instance, but it's astounding how many attractive people you see in international terminals at airports. Compared to the average mix of people you see on the street, it's apparent how much more wealth and opportunity you'll encounter if people like the way you look.

9. From DanteWolfe0125:

I have a waitress that works for me that can earn hundreds in tips a night just because she's beautiful. And I mean beautiful, it's ridiculous how attractive she is. It's like she was made in a lab.

It's getting to the point where I'm thinking of doing a tip-sharing scheme at the bar because better, friendlier, and more deserving girls are going home with under twenty a night just because next to her they look like Shrek.

10. From Cae_lyce:

People tend to avoid 'ugly' people, and act harsher with them. I had a friend that lost a lot of weight. Before that people would not come to her as she was considered ugly due to her weight ( she was really gorgeous anyway ).

Right when she became thin, people started to come to her, being nicer, talking longer with her, helping her. Guys would flirt with her.

She told me she was quite surprised and sad at the same time people's mind was working that way, especially because she stayed the same person she was before. She was angry to see how judgmental people can be over the look of a person.

11. From Lonely_Set1376:

My sister is very beautiful. All her life she has had a long ass line of men just waiting to give her anything she wants for free. Cameras, vacations, you name it. Anything breaks in her house and some guy will fix it for free.

Repairmen come and instead of giving her a quote they'll literally just offer to do it free (I swear I'm not making this up, it's really pathetic from my POV). She is oblivious, and just thinks that people are really nice. She has no idea that the rest of us have to pay for stuff.

12. From NYArtFan1:

My cousin is very beautiful. When she was in school, she could flirt with boys and get them to do work for her. When she graduated, she worked front of house for Abercrombie, Hollister, etc.

She got a temp gig at a tech company everyone knows despite not having any tech background or degree. Flirted with her boss, and got a great job 'managing' people.

Flirted with another boss, who she ended up marrying, and got an even better job with more people under her. They have a killer house, Hawaiian vacations, etc. I love her a lot, and she's not a terrible person.

But you can also tell that she's used to getting her way, so there's a sharpness to her when she's told no.

It's kind of frustrating, being an average-looking dude, who had to grind my way through college and had to 'pay my dues' to a ludicrous degree in order to have the job and place I do, which is a fraction of what she lucked into.

13. From siempreslytherin:

TikTok has some genuinely good creators and content but it is undeniable that there are a lot of creators who are only popular because they’re good-looking.

If an average person created the same content, it wouldn’t be near as popular (in fact sometimes a pretty face uses a more average-looking person’s sound without really adding anything and gets way more likes).

Even out of the good content, most popular creators tend to be above average in looks.

14. From chimpyjnuts:

Needed new ID badge at work. Mention to young, pretty female colleague that I have to go over to Maintenance Dept to pick up. Her 'oh, Ray will bring it over for you' me: 'No, Ray brings *yours* over for *you.* Cue blushing.

15. From blueeyesredlipstick:

I had a young, pretty coworker who started the same role as me the same week, and we went through training at the same time.

Sometime in the year that followed, the COO came into the office more regularly and developed a weird fixation on her, and would hover over her desk while she was working.

He never did anything too blatant, but it was clear that he had some sort of crush on her. She never did anything to reciprocate it or encourage it (she had a boyfriend), but she was still nice to him (because he was COO and she kinda had to).

Less than a year after she started her new role, she was promoted to a better job, with the COO clearly involved in some capacity. I got a similar promotion two years later, after a much more normal progression.

I'm not mad at her for it, because she is genuinely a hard worker and was putting up with this guy hovering over her when she was just trying to do her job, but it's pretty clear the COO's crush on her played a part in her new job.

On the dude side: I knew a guy who spent a year in Japan doing a study abroad program. He was a good-looking, tall white dude and he worked at a host club on the side. Apparently, he made a LOT of cash during his time abroad.

Sources: Reddit
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