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15 people share what they miss about the COVID lockdown period.

15 people share what they miss about the COVID lockdown period.


The pandemic has been a global nightmare.

Lives have been lost, economies have been decimated, and the mental framework for life as we know it has shifted: in both temporary and permanent ways.

There's no rosy way to frame a global pandemic that doesn't undercut and invalidate the grief and trauma it's caused.

However, there are elements of the forced quarantine - mostly the slowness of life, that some people miss, and others have implemented into their lives going forward.

In a popular Ask Reddit thread, people shared what they miss about the lockdown period of COVID, and it's an interesting peek at some universal experiences.

1. From tensecat:

Not feeling guilty for never leaving my home and all of the quality time my girlfriend and I spent together.

2. From Middle_Weakness_8005:

The background noises being switched off - no traffic, no planes in the sky, no horns blaring. Also the sense of community it brought with neighbours checking in on each other and if anyone needed anything.

3. From Grenadier_user:

The wild animals exploring cities. Where’d the noisy apes go?

4. From fruska_gorica:

I actually saved a lot of money.

5. From procrastinatorsuprem:

Not having a cold for 2 years.

6. From HelpfulBush:

Honestly, when it all started and we were all making bread and didn't really know what was going to happen, I hate to admit it, but it was kind of exciting.

7. From MarkaLeLe24:

Commuting - reduced to none, 100% WFH. And the occasional trips to the office taking 10 minutes instead of an hour. I do miss empty roads.

8. From TimReavesPhotography:

In July 2020, it dawned on me that there were practically no airplanes in the sky. I ventured out to get a night-sky shot I’d been dreaming about:

EDIT: Thanks for the kind words. I have to add a caveat that you can’t see the night sky like this with the naked eye. It requires long exposure photography.

9. From KapnKrumpin:

My German shepherd boy, Beorn. Died almost 2 years ago. Got to spend all day every day with him in 2020.

10. From ClassicVegtableStew:

Everyone was just like 'just get what you can done.'

Finished university during COVID and last semester was like 'f**k it, I'm passing everybody on the final, we're all dying, have a great summer.'

11. From Tension88:

The air smelt and felt so much more cleaner due to less traffic around where I live, also it was so much quieter due to less people being around.

12. From tony486:

It was the healthiest I’ve ever been, it was the wealthiest I’ve ever been, it was the happiest I’ve ever been, it was the most freedom I’ve ever enjoyed. It was much easier to do my job working from home.

I saved a fortune on gas, I got ample sleep, I enjoyed hobbies and started new ones. My social life actually improved because, living in a duplex, my closest friends lived in the other unit and also worked from home.

So we were free to hang out at will, never having to worry about or be disappointed by our schedules or the hassle of making arrangements. My girlfriend at the time stayed with me for lockdown, never left, and now we’re getting married.

I know many, many people had a tough time and I know I had a very privileged lockdown experience, but I feel like it is my life’s ambition to return to some form of the sweet sweet awesomeness of lockdown.

13. From lmhmwn:

Visitor restrictions at the hospital where I work. I'm a nurse in OB. We saw such a huge increase in breastfeeding success rates, maternal wellbeing (from all the rest!), and partners bonding so much more at the births.

So much said to Moms & partners being able to exclusively bond and rest for the few days after birth. Miss those days already so much 🥹

14. From doomsdayfairy:

It was okay to be struggling mentally, now it just feels like everyone expects you to just shake it off and go on like nothing happened. That and I miss people actually giving a sh*t about sanitation and not spreading the virus.

Now that the pandemic is “over” I’m seeing people who are obviously sick walking around without a mask and coughing without covering their mouths :/

15. From mylopolis:

People being kind and supportive to each other. It didn’t last long, but it was nice while it did.

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