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15 people share who 'ruined' family Christmas this year.

15 people share who 'ruined' family Christmas this year.


There's always that one family member.

They're still invited because they're family, but they have a way of bringing chaos everywhere.

Some families are chock full of them, while others have just one or two holiday 'ruiners.'

No matter where your family falls on this spectrum, you'll feel less alone after reading this Reddit thread about 'who ruined Christmas this year.'

1. From sheisthemoon'

My brother got drunk by noon and kicked a hole clear through two walls. There is now a large hole in two walls covered by a pizza box that was a sudden window into was room this morning.

We still had a great Christmas despite, but...what an a**hole.

2. From Buzallen:

My older brother. His functional alcoholism appears to have morphed into functional alcoholism with less-than-ideal side effects.

Took some unresolved issues (or just that it was 9am and he didn’t start drinking yet) out on my 12-year-old son who previously adored my brother for no reason any witness could figure out.

After the interaction, all my son wanted for Christmas was to leave my brother's house. We did. My brother did this in front of his new son-in-law which kind of threw things off for them as well and messed up the rest of the family’s Christmas.

Kind of heartbroken because I grew up with insane holidays (alcoholics…) and I thought our generation was going to be the one to break the cycle. My other brother has, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad ;)

3. From Halloweenqueen2342:

My dad. He drunk-texted my sisters and I spewing how sad he was being alone on Christmas (he’s Jewish so he doesn’t celebrate and he’s also a narcissist).

He kept saying he wanted to die and causing a scene in front of my 17 year old sister (she lives with him, my sister and I live separately). It ruined my night.

4. From RavensQueen502:

My baby niece, lol. Poor dear. We just discovered she's allergic to a certain food ingredient in the middle of Christmas dinner. (She's only recently started on solid foods).

A screaming baby, panicking aunts and a rush to ER followed, the dinner is still in the fridge. She's fine now, but it was a bad scare.

5. From Jimbabwe77:

My ex-girlfriend of 6 1/2 years dumped me so she could be with a convicted felon out on parole with a 3-page criminal history and a registered sex offender for attempted r*pe. Kinda ruined the holidays for me.

6. From danistaf:

My brother got caught cheating on his wife because he fell for some stupid Facebook sex scammer. Made dinner with everyone nice and awkward.

I guess I use the word cheat in a pretty broad manner, he didn’t actually meet anyone. Only pictures were exchanged, then the scammer convinced my brother to send them his log in information and they completely took over his account.

They then used the pictures my brother sent them to extort him, saying if he didn’t send money then they would post his nudes on Facebook. Every single step that he made in this situation was the absolute worst one.

The scammer still has access to his account and is thankfully only posting the usual scammer crap, but they also have access to all my brother's Facebook pics which include my young niece.

At least now my parents understand why I refuse to post pictures of my kid on SM, there’s no telling what people like this do with your pictures.

7. From TheIronLurp:

A stomach bug made the entire family sh*t and puke all f**king day long.

8. From Possibility-of-wet:

My uncle's baby mama. She got drunk, cheated on him again, and then started screaming when called out.

9. From OliveFonz:

My in-laws. Last week we avoided visiting their house because my niece and nephew have a cold/runny nose/cough and we didn't want to get sick for two main reasons.

One reason being Christmas was a week away and I wanted my 4 yr old to be healthy while visiting with family and to enjoy the day without feeling yucky.

The second reason is I am due to give birth via scheduled c-section this week and didn't want a sickness rolling through our family before we have a brand new baby to care for.

So, 3 days after we voiced our concern about the visit and getting sick, our in-laws invited us over to visit just them. I went to work and my husband brought my daughter to their house to visit for a few hours.

They did not disclose that they had developed a cough.

Now, 5 days later, Christmas, my husband is in bed with chills, my mom visiting from out of town has a cough and congestion, my 4 yr old has cough and congestion and I am supposed to have a baby in 2 days.

Cool cool cool. Thankfully we made the best of the holiday but I am struggling to not let it bother me that they couldn’t say anything about becoming sick and inviting us over while they were.

10. From AnthonyCumiaPedo:

My mom had friends over, one of whom is the mother of a girl I used to know back in the day. Nice person, wasn't really my type but we were casually friends.

Anyway, my mom introduces so-and-so's mom and then proceeds to tell her that I spent my teenage years saying how her daughter was, direct quote, 'the cutest girl I'd ever seen'.

I swear, she wasn't my thing, and even if she was, I wasn't telling my mom what girls I had a crush on when I was a teenager.

And I didn't want to be a dick all 'YOUR DAUGHTER WAS UGLY AND I NEVER LIKED HER' but now this random chick thinks I was madly in love with her because my mom decided to randomly lie in front of her friends.

11. From NeighborhoodNo1666:

My fiancé, who straight-up abandoned me and my two kids two days before Christmas. He abandoned us for a girl who he knocked up, who I've recently learned was a high school senior.

To make it worse, it's not 100% clear that the girl is over 18, and he's 33. What makes it even worse is that I am pregnant with the child we tried to have for 3 years.

I didn't tell him because it was supposed to be a Christmas or wedding surprise (our wedding was supposed to be on the 14th of January).

Luckily I have his contact info for child support and other reasons and he has already stated he has no interest in co-raising the kid. Luckily Christmas for my kids wasn't ruined.

They seemed to have liked their gifts, and the ones meant for my fiancé were returned and my kids got some extra money in their stockings.

For the time being, I'm going to return to being a single mom for a while, before I feel comfortable with getting into another relationship.

12. From TornadoTurkey:

My father and my boyfriend My father drunkenly let one of his mistresses insult me, got upset that I got upset, and didn't care that I packed my things and left.

My boyfriend basically ghosted me. His family called me because he did it to them as well. Doesn't answer calls nor messages. I'm more worried than upset.

13. From eljo555:

My dad was gonna give me a vintage hat from Guatemala until he realized how much it was worth. He said this to my face.

14. From aussiebloke01:

Me. I had a breakdown apparently.

What makes it worse, I have no recollection of it.

15. From Amikoj:

My wife's coworker, Kathy. She didn't bother to wear a mask at work last week when she was 'just starting to come down with something' and now my wife has Covid.

We had planned to host 2 Christmases at our house, including with relatives older than 80 and younger than 1. We had to cancel everything with both sides of the family. Thanks, Kathy. Hope your comfortable mask-free workday was worth it.

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