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15 people share who 'ruined' family Christmas this year.

15 people share who 'ruined' family Christmas this year.


There's always that one family member.

They're still invited because they're family, but they have a way of bringing chaos everywhere.

Some families are chock full of them, while others have just one or two holiday "ruiners."

No matter where your family falls on this spectrum, you'll feel less alone after reading this Reddit thread about "who ruined Christmas this year."

1. From sheisthemoon"

My brother got drunk by noon and kicked a hole clear through two walls. There is now a large hole in two walls covered by a pizza box that was a sudden window into was room this morning.

We still had a great Christmas despite, but...what an a**hole.

2. From Buzallen:

My older brother. His functional alcoholism appears to have morphed into functional alcoholism with less-than-ideal side effects.

Took some unresolved issues (or just that it was 9am and he didn’t start drinking yet) out on my 12-year-old son who previously adored my brother for no reason any witness could figure out.

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