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15 people share what screams 'this person peaked in high school.'

15 people share what screams 'this person peaked in high school.'


We all know the stereotype of someone peaking in high school. Some of us have automatic images of people in our personal lives who fit the bill, or maybe we're fighting the sinking feeling that we're that person.

Regardless of where we fall on the 'peaking in high school' spectrum, most people can agree there are certain patterns or behaviors we associate with that trope.

In a popular Ask Reddit thread, people shared what screams 'I peaked in high school.'

1. From MissingDarts:

Regularly reposting the same picture of the one notable moment that they had in high school.

2. From SuvenPan:

Bragging about high-school hookups in their thirties.

3. From Tyler_origami94:

'Hey girl hey! Do you wanna be your own boss babe while working from home?!' and it's just a pyramid scheme.

4. From cpsg1995:

Still acting like a typical 'Mean Girl' when they're damn near (or past) 30.

5. From pkeit32:

Anyone who bullies other adults as if they were still in high school.

6. From Remarkable-Motor7704:

Constantly talking about their high school sport experiences. Buddy you’re 32. Nobody gives a flying f*ck that you lettered in lacrosse and basketball.

7. From jewelsforfools:

My ex-stepmother constantly bragged about being a cheerleader in high school and winning a beauty walk (in a town of like 500 people). She was still bragging about these the last time I saw her. She was in her mid-40s.

8. From aznuke:

I graduated in 05. I was sitting at a tire shop waiting for my truck to get done and an employee slightly older than me walks up to me and asks me, with no previous interaction, if I played football in high school.

Wondering where this was going, I responded that I did, but I wasn’t great at it. He asked what school I went to, I told him. Then he starts talking about himself. How he was “all conference” and walking me through all of his high school accolades.

I never asked for this conversation. I just sat there wondering why this nearly 40-year-old, wildly out-of-shape, tire shop supervisor was telling me all of this. Then just as soon as it started he bid me good day and walked off. It was bizarre.

The best comparison I could make was that he was like the manager “Dan” from the movie waiting. That was his vibe. That’s how I knew he peaked in high school.

9. From littlebubulle:

I had a teacher who said 'these are the best years of your lives.' Since I graduated in 2003, every single year has been better than every year of school since I can really remember.

High school was f***ing awful and seriously depressing. I had to work as a janitor through grades 11 and 12 to pay rent. I dropped out with 1 class left to get a union construction job.

I'm back in university now doing an engineering degree because I have worked to get my life in a position where this is possible.

10. From sharkfest473:

In my experience, it's the people that talk about things that happened in HS as if it were yesterday. Constantly.

I had an ex who would always tell me crazy stories. I'd ask ,'When did this happen?' She would say 'Sophomore year' and we were mid-20's.

Over time, it became clear that HS was the best years of her life and most likely will continue to be as she didn't have much ambition after HS.

I had 1 good year in HS and reminisce about it every now and then but it is not on the forefront of my mind.

11. From gamercboy5:

I used to work with a guy, we used to call him roid rage. He was very muscular, very masculine, and let everybody know both those things about him constantly.

One day I'm sitting next to him in the break room and he's talking to me, unprompted as always, about how he went to attend an award ceremony for his son who won something regarding his football performance.

I said 'Well that was nice of you to go and support him.'

'Nice?' He said. 'It was f***ing sad man. That used to be me. Now I'm the old guy in the room who has to watch someone else win something I should have had.'

All I could think was what a loser, you can't just be happy your son won this award and be proud of him. You have to make it about you.

12. From doctor-rumack:

Under 'College/University' in their Facebook profile, it says 'School of Hard Knocks.'

13. From Pesto57:

They want to organize high school reunions every 5 years.

14. From haleyfrostphotograph:

They tattooed their last name across their shoulders.

15. From notplacenta:

A girl my siblings and I went to high school with has put on her cheerleading uniform too many times and posted on FB to show that it still fits. It’s pretty pathetic. we’re in our late 30s/early 40s.

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