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15 people share their most awkward 'haha oh wait you're serious' moments.

15 people share their most awkward 'haha oh wait you're serious' moments.


Life is a beautiful patchwork of awkward moments.

We're all just winging it 24/7, which means there are plenty of real-time bloopers in our interactions. Sometimes, an exchange is so awkward you assume the other person is joking, only to realize they're not.

In a popular Ask Reddit thread, people shared their most awkward moments that made them go 'haha...oh wait, you're serious?!'

1. From Air2Jordan3:

I was at work, I work in retail, and me and my coworkers heard a loud 'boom'. But we didn't think anything of it.

5 minutes later, an older lady who is in the store almost every day, maybe in her 50s-60s, came up to me and said ' I just drove into your building.'

I looked at her, and right before I began to laugh out loud, I realized she actually did.

2. From shdwrnr:

I was taking a long leg cast off a kid about 2.5-3 years old. After I get the cast split open and pull it off, mother says, 'Oh, his toe fell off'. I'm like, 'heh, nice one.'

The kid was in the cast because his small toe had been nearly amputated and reattached.

The doc was hoping that tissue was still connected would be enough to vascularize the distal portion. It wasn't and the kid's toe died and fell off.

3. From HarrigetsHealthy:

I work in a deli and we had a new older lady start. I was showing her how to display the chicken breast and she turns to me and says 'I'm going to have to work up to the chicken, my ex used to tie me up and hit me with raw chicken breast.'

This was so shocking and out of the blue I assumed it was a joke, nope turns out she had just gotten out of an extremely abusive relationship. I just thought she was grossed out by raw chicken.

4. From SystematicChoas:

Someone once said to me ' Wait you're Chinese? I always thought you were Asian.'

5. From NoFapPlatypus:

Met a guy, and I told him my name. He said: 'I'll probably not remember it; I have memory problems.' I said 'Haha yeah, I'm bad with names too.' Met him again two days later, and I remembered his name.

He, on the other hand, didn't remember meeting me. And when I realized it wasn't a joke, and was told by his mother that he actually does have memory problems, I felt like an a**hole. Oh well, he doesn't remember me laughing at him.

6. From CodeBlackx1:

A man was regaling his fellow party-goers with his drunken jokes. He described being found as a newborn in a field, after his teenage mother hid her pregnancy and gave birth at home. All he knew about her was she was a Waffle House waitress.

We sat there, enthralled, waiting for the punchline, until we realized he'd moved from 'life of the party' onto the 'in vino veritas' stage of drunkenness.

7. From Cloud_Fish:

Her: How do we even know that Dinosaurs were called Dinosaurs if they're all dead now and we've never met one in real life?

It took me literally half an hour to even get her slightly on board with the fact that things are called things because we decided on the name not because things inherently have a name we discover.

I wish I was joking.

8. From _andmisses:

Realtor here. Buyers offered goats to sweeten their offer.

9. From ruckertopia:

A co-worker mentioned that she thought milk was too rich, so she poured herself a glass of water, and added two of those little cups of non-dairy creamer. This was almost two years ago, and I still don't know what to think.

10. From missmichellini:

I work as a server in a restaurant. We use little wooden trays as check presenters and since it is an open-air restaurant we weigh down the receipts with decorative stones (shiny ones like for the bottoms of fish tanks).

I dropped a check for an older couple and when I got back the man said 'You should warn people that those rocks aren't chocolates! I could have broken a tooth!'

I get a lot of older people who like to josh around with me so I definitely thought he was kidding. He was not. He was actually mad at me because he had tried to eat the rock and it was obviously my fault.

11. From dinopsych:

My now bf and I were on our fifth date. We were out to lunch, and some toddler started throwing a screaming fit. Bf and I looked at each other and I said something along the lines of, 'Kids are the best, aren't they?'

Which is when he said 'Oh, I've been meaning to tell you, I have a daughter'. We have similar humor styles so I started giggling thinking he was teasing. He was not. So that was interesting.

12. From Loves_me_tacos125:

This one girl asked me if 9/11 really happened on 9/11 or did the news and others SAY it happened on 9/11 because it sounded more legit than any other day.

13. From stupidusername69:

On Wednesday, a customer asked me why our produce section was so empty, especially in terms of stuff like lettuce. I told him that it was because of extreme weather in Spain, where we source most of our stuff from.

He cut off my explanation with 'why does it matter what's going on in Spain, we're in Scotland?'

14. From rattfink:

An old roommate wanted me to start paying more in rent because he was trying to save up to buy himself a house.

15. From AgentElman:

When my daughter said she had been stung by a bee and it went all of the way through her. It turned out she had been stung on the chest and back at the same time.

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