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15 people share things that were 'ruined' by rich people.

15 people share things that were 'ruined' by rich people.


Money provides a lot of opportunities.

People with more money can accrue property, travel around the world, and if they're in the top spheres of wealth: change the shape of entire cities and political policy.

While all of this can be used for positive change, human beings have a tendency to be self-absorbed. So there are sadly plenty of examples of rich people buying and pricing up things for their own gain, which causes a negative trickle effect for those with less.

In a popular Ask Reddit thread, people shared the things that were ruined by rich people, and the list runs the gamut.

1. From NoBenefit5977:


In the past few years, the price of little collectibles and things of that sort have gone insanely high. Cards, action figures, you name it, just look up any sub for a hobby and you'll see people dropping your entire salary in 1 day.

2. From nottherealneal:

There used to be a really nice big park in the center of the city where I live. Everyone would go there, it was a nice open space, take your kids, take your dogs, enjoy the fresh air.

Then some people from the rich part of town along the edges of the park decided they didn't like the noise coming from the park.

They pulled some bulls**t to buy it out and walled it off so you couldn't go to the park unless you lived in that specific neighborhood anymore.

The worst part is a ton of money was spent when they first bought it, building it up, adding fountains and children's play areas, and redoing the flower bed.

Then no money or attention was given to it again and the whole place fell into disrepair so now even if you live in the neighborhood you can't go there because everything is falling apart and overgrown.

So the a**holes took the really nice park from everyone else and then neglected it until it became a s**t hole in the middle of the city.

3. From nativesnake:

Clothing brands. Carhartt, dickies, Levi’s, and many more. Like why did a dickies t-shirt go from $15 to almost $40 in a few years?

4. From maninthemoonpie:

I stopped going to professional sports because I can only afford s**ty seats. Not worth the effort anymore.

5. From RatPackRaiders:

Old school ski mountains with family vibes and stoner lifties rocking to music. We always watched those silly “ski patrol” movies about the big corporations coming in and making them yuppyville and then it happened.

6. From Lumber_Dan:

Theme parks. Gone are the days when everyone was equal and you all had to queue, regardless of your income. And even until recently, some theme parks gave fast passes periodically throughout the day.

Now if you've got deep pockets you can queue jump, making your day a little better and everyone else's a little worse.

7. From MihalysRevenge:

80s and 90s cars. The market is super hot right now and all the rich guys are buying them up. Sorta like 50s and 60s cars in the 90s.

8. From MexicanAugustus:

Cheap foods, like Chicharrones or Tuétano (I'm from Mexico). When I was a kid, Tuétano was something that were even gift in meats market, now they sell you a damn bone in meat price or even higher!

The same with chicharrón, that was really cheap to buy, but with rich people discovering how good it is, now is impossible. All places up the prices because rich people buy it at high rates, and don't know what the heck they are shopping anyway.

9. From newluna:

Montessori schools. The method was created to be able to teach poor orphans well despite little funding. Now it’s some sort of “elite” schooling for $20K+ a year.

10. From W0rk3rB:

Bourbon, it used to be the most expensive bourbon you could find was like $100. Now, with everyone “collecting” the prices have sky rocketed. The secondary market is completely insane.

11. From Theplaidiator:

Concerts…you can’t even buy a beer at one for what a general admission ticket used to cost and people still pay for it.

12. From thedankbank1021:

Why is pork shoulder and oxtail so expensive? It literally used to be the parts nobody wanted.

13. From Shulk_X:

So many things, but I'll say trucks. Once upon a time, a humble working-class vehicle for people who need to be able to do things themselves.

Now, they're all luxury vehicles with massive margins, unaffordable to anyone who needs them to do real work.

14. From intrapersonally:

Housing flipping for sure - looking to potentially buy at the moment and everything has been fitted with new grey kitchens and modern lighting etc which isn’t my style.

I may be in the minority here but means paying way more for a house and then having the job of ripping everything out.

15. From Bkafrogurl:

Instagram. When it first launched we were content to post pic of our average sandwich that we made at home. Or a mundane selfie. Nothing major.

Studies show that since the wealthy started sharing their lives on IG, our collective standard of living changed. We’re exposed to yacht parties.

Expertly organized and color-coded walk-in closets, high-end facials, and party-planned gender reveals. We’ve elevated our expectations for everything.

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