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15 examples of people being right for the wrong reason.

15 examples of people being right for the wrong reason.


There are times when someone is right for the wrong reason, in the worst circumstances, or by chance more than smarts.

In these cases, the person who is technically "right" is so annoying, smug, or generally ignorant that it's painful to watch them get the win. But alas, the world is generally not fair or sensical, and there are people who are right for the wrong reasons all the time.

In a popular Reddit thread, people shared the worst cases they've seen of someone being right for the wrong reason.

1. From RandomRavenclaw87:

I saw someone get into a preventable car accident because he had the right of way. He just kept insisting that he was right. His father told him its better to be smart than right.

2. From A_Garbage_Account:

When someone tells me "It'll be fine," and then it is fine, but only because I busted my butt to make it fine.

3. From AEunuchUsername:

"You lose weight when your cells burn fat for energy and you breathe out the broken down fat as CO2. Exercise helps you lose weight because it makes you breathe really heavy."

So close.

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