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15 people share one of the most unsettling facts about them.

15 people share one of the most unsettling facts about them.


Being alive is a strange time, we're all just bobbing around trying to find meaning and joy while surviving various traumas and wild global circumstances.

From the outside, it's easy to feel like everyone else has it together and you're the lone weirdo with maladaptive coping mechanisms who lost the plot.

However, (un)luckily, everyone is a scary abyss of mess, and most of us have a few facts about us that could be labeled unsettling.

In fact, one popular Reddit thread is full of people sharing the most unsettling facts about them, and it's an interesting ride.

1. From Cendruex:

I do not actually remember a decent chunk of my life, whenever I talk about most of my childhood I use words that leave room for mistakes and am generally using memories and ideas I've compiled from hearing other people say things about me.

There is actually a large chunks of facts about myself that I only think I know, and don't have personal confirmation of.

2. From ignisnex:

I have an enlarged aortic root. It's very unlikely, but it could spontaneously rupture leading to the medical term adjusts glasses...'instantaneous death'. I would pass out, bleed to death, and then fall over.

Dead before hitting the ground. And it could happen at any time. My wife is very uncomfortable thinking about it lol.

3. From The_Smoot:

I have 2 lenses in my right eye, so it focuses like binoculars. My doctor wrote a paper about it. Mostly blinded as a baby in my left eye. Dr suspected my right lense split then healed as 2 distinct lenses. Better than 20/20 in my right eye.

4. From crudito2601:

I inherited a lot of money from my grandmother about 2 years ago that no one in my family knew existed. I still don't know where it came from, her lawyer wouldn't tell me, but it's in the upper 7 figures.

My father, her son, got the flat she owned and we all thought that was everything she had. Apparently, it wasn't but I haven't told anyone about it and I don't plan on doing so either.

I just work a normal 8-5 desk job, rent a flat downtown of the City I live in (nothing expensive) and live a normal life on my own. No partner or children, no expensive vacations, I don't even have a car lol.

I just don't feel comfortable sharing this secret and the longer I keep it the stranger it would get telling it.

TLDR: I'm a millionaire because my grandmother died and no one knows about it.

5. From OSUJillyBean:

Growing up I had a recurring nightmare set in my grandparents' backyard looking at the back of their house. There was just something “off” about the house. Something mildly sinister. I dreamed this over and over, many times over the years.

In 2018, my dad (who now owned the house) went into the backyard to that spot and killed himself. I haven’t had the backyard dream since.

6. From HearingAccurate8616:

I had 6 toes on each foot at birth and got them cut off you can see the place they cut them at.

7. From Ddevil__:

I’m an alcoholic, gotten so bad to the point I was in jail and I was admitted into a psych ward once. My drinking life was wild and destructive. Decided I’ve had enough.

After 2 failed attempts I’m currently 36 days sober, the most sober I’ve been in years.

8. From ZentheOgre:

That I woke up in the middle of surgery and threw a mayo pan at a nurse before they pinned me back down and upped my dosage of sedatives. Key note still had retracters in so I briefly looked like a dead space enemy.

Have spotty memory of it. Sedation is very hit-and-miss with me. Has happened three times. Once during surgery, once during a nerve burn (never went out just paralyzed for about 3 minutes then started speaking during the procedure).

The last was during colonoscopy (seriously painful and asked the doctor if he was an old scout leader he was laughing then asked the nurse if I was within range for another dose of sedative).

9. From TheUnfunOwl:

I have unusually good night vision, extra cones/rods (I forget which is for low light) which means I walk around in what other people consider complete darkness, able to see just fine. Add onto that I'm 6'10' and very large, basically a cryptid.

10. From lemonysnick123:

I've considered suicide far more than my wife knows. Was once a serious option in my life when things got hard and I felt trapped. Sometimes it's just a casual thought.

I'm also a very light fun person in social situations, always trying to make people laugh. But I'm actually really depressed and can't stand myself a lot of the time.

Edit 3: Thank you all for your kind words of encouragement. I hope we can all make it through whatever dark times we may find ourselves in.

Edit 2: I have been to therapy and have been on meds in the past. In between therapists right now due to an insurance change. And it's challenging to find another therapist as helpful as my first one.

11. From littleprettypaws:

I have a tendency to self-isolate, and it’s damaged very long-term friendships because people don’t understand that it’s not them it’s me and that I really mean no harm or have any ill feelings towards them.

I just kinda want to recede into my own mind. I feel really bad about it and keep telling myself to reach out but I don’t.

12. From SursumCorda-NJ:

I'm one of the lucky few with the CCR5-delta-32 mutation. Why is that relevant? It makes me immune to HIV and a handful of other pathogens, most notably the Bubonic Plague.

ETA: A user replied to me with a link to a laboratory that claims to do CCR5 mutation testing. DO NOT CLICK THAT LINK!! It leads to a suspicious webpage that claims they will test you for CCR5 and a host of other genetic mutations for $200.

The supposed laboratory is not registered with Health Canada (I checked) and they have no internet history beyond their own website. Also, the user who linked this site has a 9yo account with under 100 karma.

If you want CCR5 testing please seek the medical advice of your doctor and do not trust websites that claim they can test you for it.

13. From anonymousone89:

I was the one who pushed over the Faygo vending machine at the IGA in 2006.

14. From DumpsterB4by:

When I was 11, I witnessed my stepdad attack my mom. I was in my room and heard my mom yell/scream, so I left my room to see what happened.

When I stepped into the hallway I could see partly into the kitchen and she was standing with her back up against the corner of the countertop with a terrible look on her face and a swelling cheek.

My stepdad was about 5 feet away with 3 long bleeding scratches down his cheek from where she retaliated. I guess I didn't know how to react so I just turned around and went back to my room.

That weekend I spent Friday night at my best friend's house. I knew his older brother had a .38 chiefs special revolver in a hidden drawer he had built under his waterbed frame. Before I left I stuffed the gun into my rolled-up sleeping bag.

I chickened out that first night (Saturday) but Sunday night, around 2-3 am I think, I took the revolver into their room and woke him up by jamming it under his chin.

He woke up immediately and kind of reactively pulled his head back away from the barrel. I pushed it harder into his throat and said something like 'don't ever hurt my mom again or I'll kill you.'

I don't remember exactly what I said. I do remember feeling like the world was spinning 1000 mph around me and that I was weightless. I don't remember anything after saying that to him until I was back in my room.

I dropped the gun on the floor and blurted into the hardest sobbing I have ever experienced. Seemed like it lasted for hours.

I don't know how long I actually cried but when I finally stopped I was drenched in sweat/tears down my entire front side.

I put the gun in my backpack and snuck it back into that drawer under the waterbed 2 or 3 days later, the next time I was at my friend's house.

Not a word was ever said about what I did by me or my step dad but as far as I know he never touched my mom again. They divorced 3 or 4 years later.

I ran into my friend's brother at a bar about 10 years later and I told him about 'borrowing' his gun thinking he would just laugh it off as me telling drunk bar lies. He did not.

He believed me completely, even stated that sometimes when I was at their house I would make little comments that his family understood to mean that my home life wasn't great.

He's a big biker type guy, and he just grabbed me, pulling me off the bar stool, and hugged me for like 5 straight minutes. He was a great dude. This all sounds over dramatic after reading it back to myself but it's written exactly as I remember it.

Thanks for the chance to share this. Until now. my friend's brother and my step dad were the only others who knew about it.

15. From DepthChargeEthel:

My dog and my mother died in the same year. I was so devastated when my dog passed. That kind of pain didn't even touch the pain of losing my mom. Partially because she had given up on me and life years before she died.

She drank herself to death and got sepsis. My dad killed himself in 02. I'm 38 now. I miss them. I miss my dog more. She was always there for me, through so much illness and loneliness and pain. She was my best friend.


Edit: I thought my comment might be a little relatable but I had no idea. I'm so sorry for all of your losses and thank you for sharing your stories.

I also got two dogs after she passed a few years ago, so I'm all taken care of. They are two of the goofiest little dudes with one in a million personalities just like their sister. ♥️

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