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15 people share the 'worst' thing they've ever seen happen at a party.

15 people share the 'worst' thing they've ever seen happen at a party.


In theory, parties are meant to be a fun place to let off steam, bond with your buddies, and ideally meet new friends or love interests.

But any adult whose been to their fair share of parties knows just how quickly the substances flow, and the messes that occur when people get too hype or sloppy.

If you've been feeling FOMO about all the people going out and having fun, then this popular Reddit thread of the worst things people have seen at parties might cure you.

1. From fragmonk3y:

Work party and one of the workers got wasted, as in stumbling around could barley talk. He thought it would then be a good idea to go up to his boss and tell her that she was an idiot and didn't know what she was doing.

Funny part was, she thought it was funny, but the guy did not show up for work for a week. One of the IT guys photoshopped his picture on the pic of a milk carton printed a bunch out and posted them around the office.

It was awesome, he came back and apologized. Kept his job for a bit longer but ended up leaving.

2. From scrotallywicked:

A guy was drunk and ate a hotdog at a house party I was at. An hour goes by and the guy is nowhere to be found. Ten minutes of searching later and a couple of my buddies found him dead on the back porch.

He had choked to death on a hotdog just outside of a room full of people. We think he started choking and went outside to try and get some air and was too drunk to do anything about it. That night was no good.

3. From alwaysdelightful:

Guy had a party at his grandma's apartment on a busy street. After a few too many, he decides to moon passing cars. A*s went through the glass, his friend caught him before he fell through. Party ended while moon man went to the hospital.

4. From Legendaryavenger:

At a Cinco de mayo party there were about 22 work colleagues in a pretty small condo, maybe 1200 square feet. Most of these people were friendly but I was pretty new and immediately started drinking.

While I was outside grilling meat on the balcony my deaf coworker who is Mexican was preparing an authentic Cinco meal complete with freshly fried tortilla chips.

Another employee entered the galley kitchen and help even though the deaf friend had asked for space. I come inside to deliver some meat and grab another drink and hear the most horrendous scream one could hear.

The deaf guy turns around and the other employee was right behind him, he dropped the head of lettuce he was holding which in turn hit the handle of the pot with the frying vegetable oil.

The oil then spilled down the other employee's legs, melting that person's leggings into the skin. The memory is still disgusting.

5. From jjrumbl:

My sister got too drunk at a party. She fell into a bonfire and degloved both of her hands.

6. From MicroCock:

Somebody took a s**t in the dryer and turned it on.

It wasn't a very big party probably 20 to 30 people, so everybody knew each other. But probably an hour into it getting going the house started to be permeated with this stick-to-your-nostrils s**t smell.

People started talking about it, it was cold outside but we still opened the doors and everybody started hunting around trying to figure out what the smell was, it actually smelled worse outside.

The homeowner thought that maybe one of his toilets was backed up but the bathrooms were all clean, after about 15 minutes of searching somebody opened up the dryer and found it completely encrusted in dried flaky s**t.

That's why the outside smelled it was pumping the air from the dryer right out onto the back deck. The homeowner was pissed and pretty much ended the party, I don't blame him for that.

We never figured out who did it, and it was probably a good year before any of my friends had another house party. For those asking, the aftermath almost looked like there was little dried leaves in it.

But the dryer basket, or whatever you would call it was pretty much entirely coated in a thin layer of dried flaky s**t. The worst was when he pulled out the lint trap and it was just like dried poop dust.

7. From Skeetel710:

In high school, I saw a guy be encouraged to chug a WHOLE big bottle of Tequila. Later that night I found him passed out on a mattress away from everyone else. I talked to him to get him to tell me he was okay.

He stood up did the robot and fell back asleep. He left in an ambulance. He blew a .28.

8. From _Goose_:

Friends were drunk. Shirts off. Jumping over the fire pit. At night, everybody was having good time. The two people taking turns jumping couldn't see each other on their last go so they ran and jumped at the same time.

They met mid-air. Over the fire pit. One of them got knocked to the side. The other fell on his back right into the fire. Mind you without a shirt.

We rushed drunkenly to get him out because he was yelling and trying to move out himself but couldn't. Would up needing skin graft on his back. Looked horrible. Still looks bad.

9. From Hagan311:

I saw a girl eating a sandwich in the corner of a party with a dog watching. The dog kept going in to take bites of the sandwich and this led to the girl drunkenly moving it at the last second to make out with the dog.

It happened for a good five minutes. I put down my drink and left right then.

10. From goaltaylor33:

A buddy of mine passed out in front of the toilet at a house party of mine. A bunch of people had to use it, but he insisted that they just use the bathroom anyway, with him wrapped around the base. And they did.

Eventually, a couple decided they wanted to f**k in the bathroom, but he was still in there, wrapped around the base of the they did it anyways.

I finally realized he was in there, dragged him out of there, and put him in my bed for the night. Whenever he tells this story, I'm gay for some reason, because I slept there, too...facing the other direction, fully clothed.

I love you Timmy, but also, f**k you.

EDIT: Well, this blew up, so I'll try to answer a few questions:

No, we didn't sleep head to foot, I was pretty drunk too and I didn't think of it.

When he tells this story, he's joking about me being gay and he was in no way upset about the sleeping arrangements, just a decent way to bust my chops, I guess.

I forgot to mention the part where he was adamantly insisting that everybody use the bathroom while he was lying there, it definitely adds flavor. Pretty sure he was passed out when the couple decided on their coitus though.

He was completely passed out by the time I found him and moved him, so he didn't insist upon staying there as opposed to sleeping in the bed.

Nothing gay about loving your friends, dudes.

11. From corsair1617:

In high school, I moved to a new school. A TA was showing me around the campus and we sort of hit it off. She invited me to a party that weekend. It was pretty standard fair of underage drinking and s***ty music.

That is until the girl who invited me got super hammered. She was walking around the party basically throwing herself at anyone and everyone.

After she got upset no one would take her 'upstairs' she walked to the middle of the room and called for attention. She immediately chugged the rest of her beer, dropped her pants, and stuck the beer bottle up her a*s.

There was like 20 people around her just aghast at what happened. Still remember it vividly after 12 years.

12. From rubberfactory5:

Friend tells me, “Hey if you see me running you should run too.”

“That’s awfully concerning, why’s that?”

“People are coming that have beef with my friend here, they’re strapped apparently.”

“Strapped as in have real guns?”


“Okay, well then why don’t we leave RIGHT NOW?”

I couldn’t get my two drunkees (I was DD) because one was talking to a girl and the other was nowhere to be found. Eventually, people start flooding outside to see a fist fight.

Fight turns into guy pulling his piece out and firing into the direction of someone, 3 people get hit. This was in like, super suburbia too.

No one died but photos circulated of the people who got hit and the wounds (hand, leg, and leg. I saw the hand one from afar. S**t is crazy. Later found out it was over a girl and $50.

13. From AccusedOak04:

In sophomore year of college my friends and I held a pig roast. My freshman year roommate who was a strange guy and who had not been invited shows up, completely plastered.

He goes on a drunken rant about not being invited, grabs a knife, and...cuts out the pig’s a**hole. And eats it. As we stood there staring at him in shock and horror, he ran away.

He is now known as “pig a**hole guy” whenever we reminisce about college.

14. From shalene:

We had just finished a round of Kings Cup and there was a lull. The cup was full of beer, smirnoff, margerita, and a bunch of other s**t. (We played with two decks). We didn't really finish and it kind of just ended.

I didn't want people to get bored so I shouted, 'LAST ONE IN THE BATHROOM HAS TO DRINK THE KINGS CUP!'

There was a f**king stampede of about 20 people in my house. First person in broke the door handle and flew into the shower doors that buckled and busted into the bathtub.

Second person, my sister, tried to stop and I slammed into her, causing person 1 to fling into the shower. My sister and I crashed down to the ground and I saw why she had to stop.

My female roommate was trying to take a s**t. My sister laughed so hard she pissed herself while I was sitting on her lap...oh and about 8 more people piled in and landed on top of us.

It was great.

15. From MaartenDL:

I used to live in Malaysia and one night upon returning to our house, a large group of monkeys picked a fight with us. Actual monkeys started becoming super aggressive, which freaked drunk us out, completely.

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