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15 people share the stupidest thing they've ever done for a love interest.

15 people share the stupidest thing they've ever done for a love interest.


Crushes are wonderful and humiliating.

Whether you're 13 years old or 45, that feeling of anxiety around someone you're attracted to can be all-consuming. At times, it can cause us to do ridiculous things in order to catch the attention of a crush.

If you've ever embarrassed yourself trying to get the attention of a love interest, or even to keep one on the hook, you're far from alone.

People jumped on a popular Reddit thread to share the stupidest thing they've done for a love interest, and it's a wild ride.

1. From KindaAnomalous:

I am a girl. I was 6’1” tall on the first day of 11th grade. The basketball coach followed me to my math class and informed me that I was on the team and tryouts were on X day at Y time and he expected me to be there to start strong.

There was a boy I liked who just so happened to be on the basketball team, so I showed up thinking that I’d get to be around him. That did turn out to be true; the girls and boys teams often crossed paths. On a few occasions, we shared the gym.

One day, the boys were on the court and the girls were running around it because the weather did not permit us to be outside.

I was typically the literal last person to finish laps, and the leader - a girl who went on to play in the WNBA and who now coaches a college team - typically lapped me twice. But not this day.

Not with Danny watching. I ran full bore and kept up with the superstar, who was also on the cross country team. She was literally just jogging, and we finished our laps side by side.

The instant I stopped running, I projectile vomited the entire contents of my stomach across the gym. Both teams had to cancel practice.

2. From OdinsReach:

When I was younger I was awarded a settlement from a motorcycle crash; at the time, I was with my ex. I bought and repaired a car for her bday and paid off half her student loans.

She was not a nice person, and I ended the relationship. Damn being young and naive.

3. From AnotherAnimeNerd:

Fly to another state to meet up with someone from online. We met on discord and video'ed a lot for 7 months before deciding to meet IRL. We texted and talked all the way to boarding. When I landed, I texted her no response.

I called, straight to voice mail. Went on discord, she deleted her account. Instead of flying back, I spent the weekend exploring a new city. Wasn't going to pass up going to the Smithsonian Museum and seeing the landmarks.

To this day, I have no clue as to why she ghosted me.

4. From Loganclay18:

I am a guy, super theater nerd. I fell in love with a strong, type Hyper-A girl, and we were planning out our life together. We got along great, but I definitely wasn't her typical manly, strong-and-silent, 'I can fix that' kind of guy.

So (and this is a life lesson), I tried to become that for her. I tried to embrace my inner blue-collar hero. So I built a house. From scratch. With Youtube and enthusiasm. It wasn't huge (900 sq ft), but it was PERFECT for us, and very cute.

I was so proud. It then came out that she was very sorry, but she didn't actually love me, she 'was just fickle' and only liked the idea of being in love with me. Oh, I was devastated, broke my heart, cried for years, etc.

Turned out to be the biggest silver lining of my life. Since I owned my own house (and had built up a considerable skill set), I was able to pursue acting full-time WITHOUT being wealthy.

I took handyman gigs and auditioned on the side. Finally, I got a spot in a regional comedy show and my voice-over career started taking off. I now perform full-time and am married to a wonderful woman that sees me for the silly man that I am.

We live in that same cute little house. We are, finally, happy.

5. From AutomaticMethod2437:

I moved to a s**thole of a city that constantly snows 6 feet per storm and she’s not even there anymore.

6. From NightOnF*ckMountain:

I had a huge crush on a close friend when I was around 18-19. It was never going to go anywhere, we were just too different, she was one of the most popular girls in school.

I was kind of a rough around the edges outcast type from the wrong side of the tracks, but I didn’t understand that. I ended up leaving my girlfriend of two years, ditching all my bros (who all vehemently hated this girl).

I essentially threw a grenade into every single relationship in my life so I’d have a potential chance with this girl. I was brutal about it. They all made it very clear that I had to pick them or her, and I very enthusiastically picked her.

Lots of ugly tears and angry fights on all sides. I’d known most of these guys since I was a toddler. I never had a chance with her, I wasn’t her type, and I was probably too emotionally volatile to be in any kind of romantic relationship.

We stayed friends for a little while but eventually my obsessiveness scared her away. In hindsight, I was being clingy because I’d just dropped 15+ people and I had no idea how to be alone.

Thing is, it was stupid at the time, especially stupid because it was all for a girl, but it ended up being one of the best decisions I ever made, and I didn’t understand that until many years later.

My ex was extremely toxic: think of every neckbeard ‘nice guy’ a**hole you’ve ever met, but a girl. My bros were probably the most morally bankrupt people you can imagine.

They hated new girl because the more time I spent with her, the better my grades got, and the more I started actually caring about my future, and that scared the hell out of them.

She never wanted to be with me, but she saw something in me that other people didn’t, not even my own family. She encouraged me to apply for colleges, get out of our crappy little town, and keep working on my art.

She encouraged me to grow up. She lifted me up in a time when every single person I knew just wanted to drag me down. If I hadn’t met her, I’d probably be dead or in jail or still involved in petty gang activity.

Or I'd still trying to be a mall juggalo trying to pick up girls in the manga section of Barnes amd Noble, like most of my old friends are. For that, I’m still incredibly grateful, even if at the time all I could see was “but she doesn’t want to be with me”.

7. From TheMadIrishman327:

Married a financial black hole. Got engaged. The very next day I sat down with her and l wrote checks to pay off all of her debt ($14,000). That set the tone for our relationship.

8. From blue-tomorrow:

My 17-year-old brother told me he bought a girl a $350 bracelet for Christmas AFTER she already told him she 'didn't like him like that.' We all let him know how dumb that was.

9. From boxedcrackers:

Gave up a position with the secret service for a woman I thought I was going to marry. A year later she was living in Nevada with her soon to be husband.

10. From Tasteless_Friendship:

I wrote 'I love you' with a spray can in front of the windows of a girl I liked, and then this inscription was washed away by rain after half an hour.

P. S.

She saw only streaks of paint.

11. From pdnurse_1010:

I used a plastic gun to rob a fast food place so I could keep up our lifestyle. I got arrested. 1981. Wow.

12. From R4dicalP1um5ter:

In 3rd grade, I managed to get my hands on $20 (I genuinely can’t remember how) but anyway, I was at the state fair and got one of those “real” gold rings with the engraving of a loved one or something.

So with all of the brain power I had, I decided to propose to my crush. So after getting the ring (with her name spelled wrong) I went to school with no doubt in mind about this brilliant idea.

I told literally all of my friend and they where all on board. So after lunch I went up to her, only expecting 2 or 3 people to stop by and watch.

Then the ENTIRE SCHOOL (in gender order) goes behind me and my “soon to be engaged” crush. Turns out that all of my friends told one person then the news proceeded to spread like wildfire.

After a good minute of stalling, she said yes, (Most likely bc of peer pressure). I then proceeded to leave her a month later for some girl I met on Roblox that lasted for an hour.

13. From whyunoletmepost:

I built a catering business from the ground up because my friend said she wanted to stop stripping since she would cry about the bad treatment all the time. After the business was fully operational and I even got the first couple gigs.

All she had to do was pass out business cards and talk to potential clients at an expensive charity dinner and she bailed so she could hang at home. I already had a well-paying job so didn't really need a side business.

I bet she is still stripping now coming up on 40.

14. From Mood-Background:

I walked around for an hour with a heavy backpack in another country trying to find a specific tea she asked me to bring back.

15. From CaptianOfCows:

Walked 9 miles in tornado weather with freezing cold rain just to see her. Thought she was worth it. We were together for 4 years and then I found out she had been cheating on me with her blood brother for the past 2 years.

I found out because I got the clap from her and she let slip that her brother also had the clap.

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