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15 people share the worst thing someone has ever told them in bed.

15 people share the worst thing someone has ever told them in bed.


Pillow talk can be romantic and deeply bonding.

The words exchanged between the sheets can launch new levels of intimacy, both emotional and physical. Whether you're long-term partners or on a first date, what's said in bed can be a game changer.

Unfortunately, however, it can also be a game changer for the worst. Just as it can be connective and alluring, bed talk can also be deeply awkward, hurtful, and sometimes downright confusing.

In a popular Ask Reddit thread, people shared the worst thing someone has ever said to them in bed, and it will make you feel less alone about your horror stories.

1. From InsomniumGatherum:

'You can use one of my boyfriend's condoms. They're in the drawer but they're probably too big.'

2. From throwthisoneoutdude:

I got called a mistake immediately after. I had feelings for her and had had these feelings for her for years. I thought we would never actually be anything. She was the high school crush that ended up moving away and lost all contact.

Through some crazy weird circumstances we ran into each other years later. We had been flirting like crazy for weeks. She immediately cut all contact. Pain.

3. From JasonPassley:

'I don't think you're sexy but you're really good for a cuddle.'

4. From wyoflyboy68:

“You make me feel dirty when you touch me.” Happened over 40 years ago and it still crawls under my skin.

5. From Boyce_Collins:

That she had sex with a friend of mine like 20 minutes earlier.

6. From greeneyes9876000:

'I'm glad the movie was good because the sex wasn't!'

Well. It was deserved criticism. It really woke me up and I was a much better lover for my next partner and all since. I was never able to get back with her to show her I'd learned.

7. From LoboInu:

We were doing mutual masturbation and he went “rub that thing like it owes you money.” I had to stop because I couldn’t stop laughing.

Anyways we’re engaged now.

8. From UpAgainstYourCervix:

That she was cheating on her man with me.

9. From ApprehensiveDrink649:

'Is it in already?'

10. From kellea86:

'If you're enjoying yourself, tell Natalie. I've wanted to hook up with her awhile, hahaha.'

11. From daakstrykr:

Having seen my dick she just laughed, got up, and left. Obviously, before anything happened.

12. From Additional_Sample123:

'I haven't washed these sheets in years. I hope that doesn't bother you.'

13. From CosmicEpisode:

One time during pillow talk right after sex my husband randomly told me he was making an eye patch and he pulled it out and put it on lmao (at least he didn't wear it during LOL).

14. From kunbeau:

Ex was a flautist. One night she was a little tipsy and when we got undressed she greeted it with “my piccolo!”

15. From MsSharingIsFun:

'Gonna pop your cervix'.. Cue my vagina shrivelling away into itself.

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