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15 Stories About the Scarring and Gruesome Things People Witnessed Firsthand.

15 Stories About the Scarring and Gruesome Things People Witnessed Firsthand.


Caution to those before you go any further – some of the stories told below are pretty gruesome.

This question posed to those on Reddit asked about the most effed up thing they ever saw. It seemed nothing was off limits to share, and some of the responses were very upsetting. Proceed with caution.

1. Mouthing the Words

I saw a guy get hit by a train as the train was slowing down for the station. The conductor saw him and was screaming at him to get out of the way. I can still see the conductor mouthing the words “OH FUCK” as the train hit the guy and threw him about 30 feet. The guy broke some bones but was otherwise ok. Cops had to find him because he tried to walk away. They found him in a convenience store about a quarter mile away.

2. Nightmare Ride

When I was 4 or 5 I was on a wagon ride with one of my cousins. There was a hole in the wagon floor where it had been built around the tractor for the event…I think it was Christmas in July.
Well this other little girl was sitting with her legs dangling in the hole and she kept putting her foot on the ridges of the tire because she could. She would move it to a lower one at the last second over and over again until one time she didn’t time it right. As a result her leg got caught.
It twisted her leg underneath the make shift wagon between the wood and the tire. It took a few seconds for her to scream and at least a full minute more (felt like longer) for the driver to realize it wasn’t just a kid being a little shit.
By the time they stopped and dislodged the girls leg it has tore all the skin off her ankle and up her leg so I could see all the exposed meat and bone and there was a trail of blood the few feet behind the truck before it had stopped.
I was scared so I got off and my cousin lost me in the chaos. So I was traumatized and then totally lost and terrified for like an hour. Woo. Fun times.

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