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15 people share stories about things couples did in limos after the wedding.

15 people share stories about things couples did in limos after the wedding.


Weddings take a lot out of you. Even the happiest of couples, with the most gorgeous of ceremonies often feel a wave of relief after the big event is over. Few get a view into a newly married couple's behind-the-scenes feelings quite like the person driving them to the hotel after the party is over.

In a popular Reddit thread, limo drivers, onlookers, and married couples shared what the car ride after the wedding was like.

1. From LouGroza:

Bike Taxi driver here. I have done a lot of these. Most of the time, they recap the night to one another. Maybe they’ll go over some drama that happened between the families. Usually they are just exhausted after a long day and looking forward to enjoying their hotel room.

Once I had a couple that had a total meltdown of an argument. It was both hilarious and terribly sad. The groom was blacked out drunk and the bride was fed up. She yelled at him the whole way to the hotel and he was a total drunk asshole in return. All while people on the street are congratulating them and me just listening.

We arrived at the hotel and she stormed off. The groom asked me to take him to the bar around the corner to meet with his buddies. I obliged and he gave me a nice tip.

I hope they’re doing ok!

2. From A40:

'Can you believe the dresses I got them to wear!? I can't believe I managed to follow them all down the aisle with a straight face!'

'Considering the bender we all went on last night I can't believe one of my best men didn't throw up during the vows!'

3. From michaelstrings:

Limo driver here. I’ve picked up quite a few just married couples after weddings. There isn’t really one story that stands out, just mostly the couple recapping the evening. I’ve had a few where one partner is clearly more intoxicated than the other so there’s usually some embarrassment from the more sober partner.

There was one time I picked up a couple the day after their wedding to take them to a major airport 3+ hours away and they realized about half way the guy didn’t have his ID. New wife is freaking out in a panic while the husband is trying to stay calm. Luckily they were able to challenge the details on his ID to verify it was really him and they got on the plane!

4. From Kreamy0:

Not a taxi driver: got married in January

Her younger brother gave us a ride home and he is a super innocent guy. Drunkenly said as he dropped us off at her house, “ can’t wait to f*ck your sister.” I just shut the door and went inside to fulfill my promise, but I definitely cringed the next day.

5. From NoxPrime:

I don't drink, so I drove the wife and I to our hotel. We mostly talked about the awkward people, her mom that left early without saying anything, and how we barely ate anything. We got McDonald's on our way to the hotel.

6. From thatrightwinger:

As a chauffeur. I drove just the bride the day after the wedding, and it was about an hour-long drive. I didn't know anything about it, but she decided to share her story with me, probably just because she needed someone to talk to.

First, to begin with I went over to the most expensive hotel in the city. It was and is a five-star/five-diamond hotel, over a hundred years old, with the luxury, the ambiance, the full nine yards, but she wasn't at the hotel, but on a bench a quarter-block down.

The valet realized who I was looking for, and actually pointed her out to me, and I approached her, in person and on foot. I was able to confirm that she was my pick-up.

Over the course of about an hour-long ride, she told me that she had her wedding, and she and her soldier-husband were going to stay at this ridiculously expensive and luxurious hotel, but his credit card was rejected, so they spent hours, trying to borrow money from some friends, and this upset her so much, that she decided to go back to her parents' house, which was in the same military town her new husband lived in anyway. She was upset and unhappy, and it was a somewhat uncomfortable ride.

She tipped me when we got there, but it was not a fun ride. The trip back on my own was more enjoyable.

7. From kellimoxie:

I'm probably late to this one, but here goes.

My husband and I were supposed to drive back to the hotel together for the after party in his car. His family decorated it and it was adorable. I had always wanted to ride in a 'just-married' car. My brother, who drove my car to the venue (bringing many of the decor items) was supposed to return my car to my house in the next day or two.

He then proceeded to get sloshed (his girlfriend of a couple years at the time stood him up at my wedding to go to a theme park with her guy 'friend).' I didn't want him driving my car, so I said screw it, I'll drive myself and stuck him in an Uber.

I get in my car (in my floofy wedding gown) only to see that my brother left it with no gas, so there I am alone in a wedding gown, at nearly midnight pumping gas. I probably looked like a runaway bride.

One of my husband's friends rode with him to the hotel, with people honking and waving at the newly-married 'couple.' We got a kick out of it later. At the time I was pissed.


Not a driver but as a married, we were just both making the same plan to f*ck then go to sleep. we'd both been up since A*shole O'clock am and had an 11 hour drive the next day. Plus I wanted out of that f*cking snow beast of a dress my mom demanded I have as the only child and first non-shotgun wedding in nearly two decades.

9. From goodbye-bluesky:

I am not a driver but here is my driver experience.

It was at the end of the night and I’m cleaning sh*t up. Most people had left and we had shuttles taking people back to hotels that we set up for our guests. It’s about midnight and we had to have things mostly good at that point and then we could come back Sunday morning and finish up.

So I’m hurrying around getting things, my jacket, whatever. As I’m leaving the bus driver starts with this attitude (paraphrasing) like you better get onto the shuttle or I’m leaving and this is the last ride, blah, blah, blah. After his mini rant, I informed him that I’m the groom and I already pre-tipped him. He stopped, turned around, and sat back in the shuttle. I didn’t receive an apology but by that point I was exhausted and didn’t care.

Like bro. You’re the driver. You have one job. You get paid to do this job and you get a tip. If you don’t like waiting to make sure everyone is good to go, then quit your job as a driver. Do something else.

10. From Faux-pa5:

Not a driver, but a couple: we didn't get to eat much at our reception bc we were so busy talking to everyone. Someone packed To-go boxes for us and we stuffed our faces in the car. Laughed when I spilled food on my dress. I'm sure we kissed? Maybe? More focused on the food and talking about the high points of the ceremony/reception. Before you ask: No alcohol involved. We had sex for the first time when we got to the hotel.

11. From FranniPants:

As the bride, I cried on the ride to our hotel because it was all over. A year and a half of planning, scrutinizing every single little detail - it was a feeling of emptiness because the whole night flew by in the blink of an eye and I barely got to enjoy it. I'm sure the driver thought I was a mental case!

12. From LadyXaviaraH:

When I got married, I foolishly allowed my uncle to drive my husband and I to the hotel in his mustang.

His two door mustang. My husband is 6'4'. I had a huge ball gown. Getting in and out of that thing was a nightmare.

And my uncle is an infamously aggressive driver. My husband and I didn't talk to each other the whole ride. We just tightly held hands, occasionally glancing at each other with 'This is how we die' glances. It was awful.

13. From TallBoy_Ryan:

I wasn't the driver, but I was on the bus with the bride, groom, and ALL of the groomsmen and bridesmaids. They were all sooooooo so drunk. First, they checked to make sure there were no babies on the bus. Everyone said no, no babies on the bus. (When we got off the bus turns out someones uncle had his baby with him on the bus. Lol) After said uncle didn't say anything about his baby, we were in the clear.

So we started playing the most gangster sh*t we could find. (We are all white as Hell. It was great). Then after playing some Kodak and Future songs, we played Africa by Toto and BELTED that shit. The whole time the groom was standing in his seat spinning around, having a great time, bride was sitting next to him. Everyone was drunk, but not blackout drunk.

Then when we got back to the hotel, the groom got hit with every drink he drank and he needed to get carried off the bus. Then he stumbled into the window out front, then he almost fell in the hallway, then he fell when he got into the elevator. We got him back to his room, and he just sat in the hallway for a little while before he could make it in the door. Good times.

14. From DeaddyRuxpin:

I drove for a limo company once upon a time. I drove only two just married couples. One we discussed the fact that I thought they were high school kids going to a prom because they looked like they were in their mid teens. Both were actually in their late 20s.

The other couple spent several minutes complaining about the fact that the privacy screen between the front and back wouldn’t go up. They were very annoyed and very disappointed. I’m quiet positive they were planning to bang in the back of the limo on the way to the airport.

15. From nbqt2015:

My mom's boyfriend drove my husband and I back to my apartment after we got married, while she and a few others stayed behind to clean up.

He's driven for quite a number of weddings, but he still brings up how halfway home my husband's contacts were starting to bug him and he remembered he was out of contact fluid, so we stopped at Publix. I was alone in the car for 25 minutes taking selfies and updating Facebook to 'married' while he and my new husband were searching for a very specific brand of eyeball water.

He will tell this story to anyone who will listen if they're patient enough to sit through him laughing his a*s off while telling it.

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