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15 teachers share the scariest thing they've seen a student do.

15 teachers share the scariest thing they've seen a student do.


Teaching isn't for the faint of heart.

Not only do you need to have a working comprehensive knowledge of the subject you're teaching, but you have to make it interesting for young people, all while corralling them into listening to and respecting you.

Even the most veteran teachers still face situations that leave them scratching their head in awe and terror, particularly when it comes to outbursts and erraticism from students.

In a popular Ask Reddit thread, teachers shared the scariest thing they've ever seen a student do, and it's a wild ride.

1. From gelastes:

He didn't really do anything that scary while he was with me but he did bloody scare me after he was gone.

I had just become the class teacher of 30 9th-graders in the middle of the school year and had to tell a student that he was expelled because he had only shown up to class three times in six months.

We had a nice chat before that, I had told him I felt I was missing the bigger picture here as I was new to that class, but that I still felt bad because he didn't seem to be the kind of guy who just skipped classes because he didn't feel like leaving his bed.

He was very polite, thanked me for being gentle, shook my hand, turned around and clocked another student, breaking his nose, ran out of the room and pepper sprayed the door area to cover his retreat.

So that was awkward. Days later I finally had time to go through the administrative files of my new students. His file was full of drawings. He liked to draw in class when he still came.

He drew mainly AK-47s - he was born in Russia, we were in Western Europe. Around the AK-47s, love poems to the AK-47 in Russian, scenes of, well, AK-47s in action, and lists of fellow students.

My predecessors had confiscated these drawings and his hit lists and put them away in a file that most people wouldn't even touch because it's mainly for documentation of things you already know when you are their teacher.

Nobody had told me that there might be a f*cking problem waiting for me. Nobody had told the social worker of the school, probably because he didn't disrupt classes.

Also, nobody had told me that the other student and his pals had bullied him relentlessly for a year before he decided to stay away from school.

I guess I wasn't told that because no teacher knew as they hadn't f**king cared to find out why he was spending recess alone, sitting for himself with a thousand-yard stare.

I learned that when the other students had warmed up to me and started telling me things like this.

2. From gaanmetde:

I was teaching grade four and had announced my pregnancy to the class when I was about 4 months. Everyone was so excited. One little guy however, made it his mission to try and ‘hurt my baby’.

On several occasions he kicked a soccer ball at my bump, would try and trip me and one time even said ‘let’s meet this baby’ while opening and closing scissors.

There were some other contributing factors but I ended up taking leave early due to anxiety over this. So, so weird. When I returned the next year he had moved to a different school.

3. From ldamron:

A 1st grader swallowed a DumDum sucker whole and it got lodged in her throat. The teacher realized what was happening, despite the chaos of all the kids packing up to go home.

The teacher performed the heimlich and after about 10 seconds was able to get the sucker out of her throat. Also, one time a young girl fell over in the class room and sliced her forehead open in the corner of a bookshelf. Had to get several stitches.

4. From Mixedstereotype:

After 15 years in preschools, this last year was the most difficult. I often felt more like a bouncer than a teacher. My group of 16 students would normally be a breeze, you get a range of characters and maybe one or two high-needs students.

But this year, by the end I realized we had about 6-7 high-needs students almost half the class. Four of them are prone to violence. If I could get one to stop, I could get the next to stop fighting.

But by the time I got to the third or fourth student, the first would run up and hit someone else. Blocks would go flying and several times I had to dodge cuisenaire rods(1m sticks).

My glasses and been broken once and spit on multiple times, and my shirts ripped all in attempts to stop them from hitting each other.

Though the one act that disturbed me the most was around the time we had an outbreak of the Rota Virus(Hot projectile vomiting).

We give the students the benefit of the doubt and privacy in the bathroom, as you do, but one particularly screechy student had started going and pouring the other kid's toothpastes in the bathtub.

But every day or so we wanted to show him that we believed in him, that we could trust him. As we were getting ready to go outside one day, three students started fighting over where to put some shoes.

But I didn't see J, or hear his usually yelling. I asked my co-teacher and she told me he asked to go get his water bottle from the class about 10 minutes prior. She chose to handle the battling students and I went to the class bathroom.

There was J grinning his demented grin and laugh next to the toilet, toothbrushes all on the floor, and on in his hand as he brought it into the toilet. I shouldn't have taken it from his hand, but I did and the screeching started.

We had to store the toothbrushes and toothpastes away from the students until J left.

5. From Mixedstereotype:

Had a student tear up a bunch of kids artwork, jump on a table and throw said artwork at their faces all while shouting, 'I'm THE BEST! I'M THE NICEST! I'M THE GREATEST!' And laughing.

6. From tangcameo:

Not evil scary, just scary.

My dad was the elementary school principal and there was a little girl in one of the younger grades who would fall asleep during class and wouldn’t wake up no matter what her teacher or my dad or the paramedics my dad called would do.

She’d eventually wake up on her own after several hours. She did this randomly, scaring her teacher, my dad and her parents a lot. Sadly, eventually, she died in her sleep at home.

7. From F0ggers:

Pull a switchblade out and threaten another student.

8. From azemilyann26:

I have had several dangerously violent children over the course of my career, but it's been really bad the past three years.

Kids trying to steal my teacher's scissors so they could stab someone, flying desks and chairs, kicking and punching adults.

Also, self-harm, physically attacking younger students, vandalism, screaming and crying so loud no teaching can happen, growling when angry, running away...

I had a student last year who would get upset and stand against a wall banging his head until blood started to smear the wall. Yes, we tried to stop him, but it usually involved 3-4 adults restraining him.

Kids can be really hard to restrain when they're thrashing around. It never surprises me to hear of kids my students' ages being put in handcuffs. His Mom said the wall-banger was 'fine' and didn't need any counseling.

My principal encouraged me to work harder at building a relationship with him. The kid would usually be returned to class within 30 minutes of being dragged out with a bandage on his head and a bag of Hot Cheetos. I teach Kinder and 1st grade.

9. From zachtheperson:

I had a kid who was likely psycho/sociopathic. Other staff often labelled him as 'super cute,' and 'had a great smile,' but the kid was disturbingly good at getting large groups to follow him.

There was always something 'off,' and kind of fake about his happy tone of voice, like it was coming from someone 10 years older.

From time to time kids who I'd known to be a follower of his would do something wrong and completely out of character, but it was always difficult proving he was actually the cause of it.

One day on the playground I noticed he kept relocating his group out of earshot of staff. When the staff moved, the group moved somewhere else. I kept close enough to be noticable to them.

Eventually, the kid came up to me and said something like 'don't you think the younger kids need more attention right now,' and I said 'nope, I think I'm right where I need to be,' to which all emotion disappeared from his face.

He looked me dead in the eye and coldly said 'no, I think you need to go somewhere else right now.' Then gave a large smile and went back to friends.

I referred to him as Manson to the other staff from that day forward.

10. From ThoughtGeneral:

Look into my eyes without blinking for a long while, then saying in the creepiest first-grade voice I’ve ever heard; “The Devil made me do it”. Complete lack of emotion. (He’d just injured another student). Frankie, I hope you grew up okay.

11. From Concrete_Grapes:

Answering this as a school bus driver...close enough. Literal first day of school a student, 7, grabs a girl that was getting off the bus, from behind, and pretends to cut her throat with his finger. Whoa nelly, instant front seat, instant write-up.

Principal 'boys will be boys, ignore it' Third day of school same student gets up, while we're doing 55mph, and 'finger gun's' several students in the back of the head, execution style. Mother of god, BIG write up.

Principal 'Boys will be boys, you can't put him in the front seat for that, it was playful.' No, no the absolute f*ck it was NOT playful.

He did the same thing the next day, but this time I had the principal time-stamped on my camera telling me I wasn't allowed to put him in the front seat, AND him doing it again. I wrote up the kid, AND the mother effing Principal.

Instant sh*t show, pulled into safety office at work with transportation director, warned I could lose my job if I escalate this sh*t, but I didn't back down.

I wanted that kid off the bus, but if i couldn't have that, I NEEDED him in the front seat AWAY from everyone else. I got it, principal was banned from coming within 50 feet of my bus.

She couldn't stop herself, and did so after two weeks to tell me I was an awful person.

She was immediately removed from her position, because I wrote her up AGAIN. They gave her a counselor's spot at the high school to finish the year, not sure if she did.

ANYWAY, new principal rides the bus, tells me he's got the kid now. And the kid's so f**kin scary that they have to have him in his own class, with TWO adults, but that the mom refuses to get the kid any help or admit there's a problem.

I'm told not to allow anyone within 3 seats of him. And one day, kid says 'Bus driver, do you think people are colorful on the inside, like robots, or all boring and the same color like my dogs?'

I followed up. He casually tells me he's killed his dogs, and 'put their parts on the fence'--FOUR TIMES. His sister, rides a different route, had told me when he was three or 4, he sat on the cat and killed it on purpose.

That she had to sleep with her door locked because he'd tried to kill her in her sleep multiple times. She moved out the day she turned 16, and in that state, no one could make her return home.

And he said, on the day that he confessed to killing his dogs, 'Don't worry bus driver, mom's going to get me a new puppy.' Sure as s**t, dropped him off at daycare, and mom was there to surprise him--with a new f**kin puppy.

At 15 he killed his mom, his aunt, his two little cousins, and all of their dogs--and WENT TO SCHOOL covered in their blood, not believing he'd done anything wrong. He'd killed them because he wanted to go to a friend's house and she said no.

12. From patricksaurus:

Geology field trips. All of them involve students nearly falling to their deaths.

13. From LetBeFriendsHere:

Student jumping off the school roof.

14. From panda388:

Kid was sitting behind a girl, and he used a lighter to set her hair on fire. It was out quickly, thankfully. Never saw that boy again. I also saw this tiny kid who thought he was gangster stab one of my other students with a pencil.

The stabbed student was easily 300lbs or more and was in a boxing program. He turned around and punched the stabber in the face so hard that 2 teeth fell out.

15. From Instagibbon:

Little 7-year-old with behavioral problems that I had passed on concerns about several times, threw his slate chalkboard across the room and luckily just the flat of it smacked a little girl in the face.

The next class he punched me in the balls and I sat down for 10 minutes, calmly collected my things, and walked out.

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