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15 women share things that some men don't realize make them 'insanely unattractive.'

15 women share things that some men don't realize make them 'insanely unattractive.'


Attraction, by its very definition, is deeply subjective.

Everyone has different attractions when it comes to looks, personality, style, and values. It's not uncommon to sit in a circle with friends and discover two of you have opposing assessments on the attractiveness of the same person.

And yet, when it comes to 'turn-offs' there are some widely agreed upon pitfalls.

In a popular Ask Reddit thread, women shared things that some men don't realize make them 'insanely unattractive.'

1. Geodudette2014 wrote:

This is a little more specific, but anytime I find out that a (single) man is a bad or absent father, I am immediately turned off.

2. BigWhiteRabbit1 wrote:

Telling dirty jokes to women that they aren’t even that close with.

3. klgm333 wrote:

When a man spends the majority of a conversation talking about himself. And then we you think it’s finally your turn to speak, he still manages to turn the conversation back to himself.

4. Coginita wrote:

Telling me he is a “good guy” and proceed to explain why. If you are a good guy I don’t need to be sold on it lol.

5. CinnamonNOOo wrote:

There was a cute guy in one of my classes but mans would come in with dried drool on his face and his breath reeked! Two people sat between us and I could still smell it through a mask.

6. LadyofTheGreyPath wrote:

Complaining about other women or putting them down and outright dehumanizing them in order to 'impress' another woman, that is so insanely unattractive me. It's like a gendered version of 'But you're one of the good ones so we don't mean you.'

7. hymn_to_demeter wrote:

When a man can't admit he's wrong, ever.

8. Ashleyyyyy116 wrote:

Only treating women with respect if he finds them attractive.

9. galaxyeyes47 wrote:

Making any conversation sexual.

“I had a massage today.” Him: “I’ll come over and give you a massage.”

“Must be nice to be in your own bed again after traveling.”

Him: ”would be nicer to be in your bed.”

“My legs are sore from the first leg workout I’ve done in months because I had an injury and surgery.”

Him: 'Maybe if I kissed your legs they’d feel better.“

It’s so tiring. I’m all for flirting and stuff but it’s so tiring when you’re trying to have a normal conversation and it always gets flipped to something s*xual.

10. b0uff0n wrote:

All those “sweetie”, “darling”, “baby” pet names without being that close. Level of hostility goes from 0 to 100 instantly.

11. snappingturtleteach wrote:

Not being able to cook or clean. Those are life skills. I don't think you need to be a master chef or have an immaculate house.

You just need to know your way around the kitchen (like be able to fry an egg or cook like three good dishes) and don't live in filth.

12. Diene4fun wrote:

Putting others down and being arrogant. Legit if you ain’t got something good to say don’t say it at all.

13. Both_Ad_6970 wrote:

Being preachy, like thinking that your way of coping is a life lesson to be imparted on those around you. It makes me both not want to open up to the person, and feel inherently judged by the fact that I have a diff worldview/coping mechanisms.

14. chibinoi wrote:

Negging, which is different from teasing, because the guy is well aware that they’re intentionally trying to put you down/insult you/belittle and humiliate you.

15. sourgirl88 wrote:

The most distasteful thing physically is when they have any mustache hair that covers the upper lip. Even worse when it curls into the mouth around the corners.

Facial hair is fine, full beard, I can get on board with that. But for some reason this really bothers me so bad. Non physical feature instant turn off: badly trashing their ex or calling them crazy.

If I have a reason to give them a chance I like to see if they assign these characteristics to every ex. Typically, trashing their ex tells me they lack the maturity to see the role they played in the breakdown of the relationship.

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