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16 babysitters share the craziest thing that's happened while on the job.

16 babysitters share the craziest thing that's happened while on the job.


Babysitting, regardless of whether you're a professional nanny or a teenager watching the neighborhood kids up the street, can be a serious challenge...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'Babysitters of Reddit, what's the craziest thing that's ever happened to you while taking care of someone else's kid?' people with experience in the art of child-wrangling were ready to share.


In high school, I met a nudist family at the local nude beach. They asked me to babysit, figuring I'd be comfortable with their lifestyle. No problem, easy money. Two boys 7 and 9, we'll behaved. The weird thing was that as soon as the parents left for their night out, the kids would start putting on clothes.

By the time, they got home we were usually bundled up watching scary movies on TV. The parents always seemed a little uncomfortable with that, like I'd been perverting their kids into putting on clothes. - Altarocks


I was babysitting an eight year old who got pissed because I wouldn't let her eat a sh*t ton of candy at midnight when she was supposed to be in she sat on the kitchen floor and urinated. I made her clean it up. - CRUDE_CAPS_USERNAME


I usually take care of three siblings. The younger ones, a girl and a boy who are twins and 9 years old, usually ask me the strangest questions. One day, the boy turned to me and asked me if I shaved my legs. I said that yes, I do. Then, the girl asked me if I shaved my pubic hair. I was so surprised with the question that before answering the little boy just tells me that their mom doesn't do it.

'But' he continues 'she has her legs shaved because my dad does it for her when they take showers together!' Not too strange, but in the end of the night it was a bit weird looking at their parents faces when they arrived. - [deleted]


Gave a four-year-old her bath. Halfway through, she pulls a small spoon out of her v*gina. She said she'd put it up there earlier. I asked if she had anything else inside her. She said no. Continued with bath. - theordore_boozevelt


When I was 16 I babysat 2 little boys everyday from 6am to 6pm for the summer . They had a single mom who was super cool and let me take the boys to the beach, pool, boardwalk, whatever. One day when I got to work, she informed me that her new boyfriend (who I never met or heard her talk about) was going to stay home all day bc he was sick.

Not sure why I had to be there too, but I wanted the pay and figured maybe he was too sick to watch the boys. About lunchtime I fed the boys and we walked to the community pool. We were there for awhile and came back to the boyfriend watching TV in the living room. This being the first time meeting the boyfriend, I introduced myself and sent the boys upstairs to change/shower.

As soon as the boys left the room, the boyfriend asked me to take my cover up and bathing suit off. Being young and naive, I laughed and said something stupid like,'haha what?'.

Well he became more persistent at that point. I grabbed my stuff and told him I was leaving, calling the police and the boys' mother. Looking back, I probably should've taken the boys, but I was freaked out and not thinking.

I left and never looked back. The police came and talked to me but when they got to the house the mom was there and he had left. The mom never believed me, and didn't pay me for the week. She accused me several times of making it up to get out of work. Why she would believe that dirtball she just met over her babysitter of several months is beyond me. - lb86Rn


I babysat for a very prominent family in my town- wife was a CEO, husband a lawyer. It was the best job ever! Two easy-going kids, $15 an hour (this was 15 years ago, so that was a TON of money), access to their pool, and an open invitation for my friends to come swim while I was 'working'.

In between my first and second summer working for them the parents divorced and the dad bought a giant house out in the country where I'd watch the kids sometimes. He made it very clear that his office and all the outbuildings were strictly off-limits.

Okay, whatever, no problem. He had a 'grounds keeper' who was always prowling around, hitting on me, and acting like a total creeper. If the kids or I came within 20 feet of the (supposedly empty) stables he'd shoo us away saying he'd spotted a dangerous snake, just sprayed for bugs, or some other BS reason to keep us away.

Came home from school a few months after my summer gig was over and saw the dad's mugshot on TV. He'd been busted as some kind of small-time drug lord, selling cocaine to dealers out of his house in the country and his 'grounds keeper' was a wanted sex offender.

It was a huge embarrassing ordeal for his ex-wife and their kids and they eventually moved away. My parents freaked that I was working so close to criminal activity and wouldn't let me babysit anymore after that. It was a bummer all around. - Alliebeth


I used to babysit my neighbors' kids. Actually, I babysat them for one night. That was all.

There were 3 of them, and the mother never really learned how discipline either, as all 3 were literally the red-headed demon children you always hear about. I don't remember their names now, but they were ages 12, 9, and 6. 9 was on some sort of medication, for an anger problem.

6 looked up to 9 and copied him, and 12, the sister, was more mild mannered but tolerable alone. It started off normal, 6 and 9 are riding their bikes around the neighborhood and 12 and I are doing a puzzle. Eventually, the kids get bored, so we broke out their game of Connect Four.

That went well for all of maybe five minutes. 9 lost his game to 12, so he throws the entire game set at her, and she continues to tease him which makes 9 angrier. 9 continues to throw things around and I ask him to stop, that's not nice. He yells 'SHUT UP' and tried to attack his sister.

So 12 runs away screaming with 9 following behind, 6 decides to try and get involved but somehow, 6 trips and connects with 9's foot as he's running, so now I've got 2 kids beating each other up and one with a bloody nose.

I decide to leave 9 and 12 while I deal with bloody nose here. I'm holding a crying, screaming 6 over a sink with hot water running and just let him bleed there while I'm trying to stay calm and have 9 and 12 calm their shit. I did end up screaming STOP to the kids, and they stopped.

Back to 6, who's still crying over a bloody nose. I realize, holy shit, this sink isn't draining.

9 goes 'oh yeah that sink doesn't work.' Okay awesome, now I've got blood to clean off the carpet, tile, and now a sink full of bloody water. Of course, this is when 9 decides to lose his f*cking sh*t and grabs a pocket knife from his mother's end table and tries to stab 12 with it. What the shit. I take that knife from him, so of course he comes back from the kitchen with another knife. Yay.

Well, at least he stopped trying to stab his sister for the time being, so he resorts to stabbing all of his mother's furniture instead. By now I've called the mom like 4 times, but she isn't answering her phone. So I end up calling my stepmom, who's retired military, because someone's going to die and I'm starting to lose my sh*t, being 17 at the time.

So, to recap, there is blood everywhere, holes in all the furniture, psycho 9 year old with knives (I put up all the kitchen knives but he had some hidden in his room). So my stepmom runs over to see exactly that. I explain to her the situation, and she ends up restraining 9 while I clean up this mess.

Finally, mom calls back and explain the situation to her as well, and she says calmly, 'yeah his medication must have worn off. Just tell him he's done nothing wrong and to give him what we wants'.

Okay, maybe that isn't the exact words, but that's basically what she told me to do. F*ck that. I got out of there, got paid $80, and that was my very last time babysitting. - stonedkangaroo


I was 12 and babysitting 2 kids across the street for the night. My parents were home and even brought dinner by so I felt pretty safe. Mother of the 2 children goes to leave and says she'll be home from nights early morning, feel free to sleep to her bed.

I ask about husband, she said he's home soon before her but go ahead and sleep in their bed. I got that weird gut feeling something was off and after putting kids to bed I curled up on the couch and tried to sleep.

The parents came home sometime between 3-4 and I could hear them in the kitchen commenting on how I was on the couch and not asleep in their bed as they had hoped, should they wake me? carry me upstairs? no....just leave her. I never said anything to my parents and avoided watching their kids for the next few years.

The second and last time I babysat for them was 3 years later which ended in me calling the parents home and leaving the house as their 7yr old son had a fishing knife and a whip (gifts from grandpa) he was threatening me with. - but-I-dontunderstand


There were these two girls that I babysat for a few months trying to make ends meet. The older one, as far as I could tell, was super nice but could never really stand up for herself.

The younger sister, about seven, was evil. The final straw for me, was had over a remote control. I went to the bathroom and as soon as I sat down I heard a sickening fleshy THUMP followed by gasping.

I ran into the room and the older sister was on the floor with silent tears streaming down her face and the young one laughing at her. The little one looked at me and said 'look what I did! I kicked sister! I'm in charge of tv now!' And giggled, waving the remote control around. I sent her to her room and helped the older sister up.

She asked me to not get her sister in trouble because it happened all the time and she got attacked more if she got in trouble. When I confronted the mom about it she said 'oh that's just how she is. She's so spirited haha just ignore it' - [deleted]


Years ago I was babysitting two kids, a boy and a girl who were around 3 and 5 years old. They were both lovely and exceptionally well behaved, so I always enjoyed looking after them.

One night, after putting them both to bed half an hour after their bedtime, I settled down to enjoy some QI. Some time had passed when I heard a loud thunk coming from upstairs, so I went to investigate.

The layout of the second floor in the house is such that when you reach the top of the stairs and turn right, you are facing down the hallway, at the end of this hallway is the door to the girls room, and her bed is placed so that it faces the door.

As I reached the top of the stairs, I turned to face down the hall and was met with the sight of the little girl sat bolt upright, eyes open, staying blankly out of the door towards me. For a while, neither of us moved until she lay back down again, still keeping her entire upper body completely rigid. She was fast asleep when I reached her to check.

Never did find what made the noise, though. - Namoraka


My mom signed me up for a babysitting job. A family from our church with 4 kids - 3 yr old girl and her 3 brothers probably 5, 8 and 9 yrs old. The older brothers were little f*ckers. We were all in the basement playing NES (sweet gig so far) when the 2 older brothers and the sister ran upstairs.

I was not a good babysitter (I'm a dude playing NES). Suddenly there is a really loud rumbling noise from the stairs, which are just around the corner out of my view, when this little girl goes FLYING into view at a 100 mph and slams head first into the side of the couch.

The little f*ckers had convinced her to climb inside a cooler and slide down the stairs. The cooler didn't slide, it tumbled and this little girl got her a*s kicked by it. She was fairly well rug burned but otherwise okay. I was not asked back. - dirtytowel


I use to babysit and I tended to land the jobs with the out of control 4+ kids, so I have many stories: 5 year old eating dog poop. Kids rubbing their butts over everything. Dangling out second story windows. - distanthighway


One of the children I babysat, who was about five years old, spent at least a full hour telling me about his wife and infant son. He was completely serious, and remarkably consistent in the details of the story.

Another child, who was about 6 or 7 (old enough to be going to the elementary school nearby), wouldn't/couldn't wipe her own a*s. Her parents usually did it.... - Glass_Spires


I was about 13 years old and babysitting my cousin, who was probably 2-3 years old at the time. We were at his house and it was bed time so I had him changed into pajamas and changed his diaper. Well the kid starts crying hysterically. I'm a 13 year old girl with no prior experience babysitting besides babysitting my cousin, and he never randomly burst into tears.

I was about to have a breakdown because nothing I did was right. So, instead of calling my aunt and bothering her on her night out, I called my mom. She answered and was telling me to do certain things, but then my cousin started yelling at me 'POWDER' 'POWDER MY WEENIE' I kid you not.

This child was screaming at me to powder his weenie. So, then I was like 'alright. I guess I found out what he wants'. My mom had put the phone on speaker so my dad could her my cousin SCREAMING AT ME to 'powder his weenie'.. They were laughing uncontrollably.

I eventually got the situation taken care of, however I am scarred from the incident. My parents still give me sh*t for that phone call, and now my cousin is about 12 yrs old--my father always tells him the 'powder my weenie' story and he is always mortified. - grapesoda21


Younger sibling attempted to jump from one piece of furniture to another and broke their arm. Guess who got blamed? - zeroxthousand


Many years ago, I was babysitting for a family with 6 kids ages 2-14. I am sitting on the couch and the 10 year old throws a football in my direction. Not being prepared for it, I block it with my hand. It goes directly into the face of the 5 year old. It impacts his nose which immediately starts bleeding profusely.

I get him to the bathroom, leaving a trail of blood spatter from the living room and through the hallway. It took a long time for the bleeding to stop. (Don't tilt the head back.) When it finally stopped, the whole place looked like some sort of heinous murder scene. I tried to clean it up, but the carpet, couch, hardwood and bathroom were all covered in drying blood.

I let the parents know, but they weren't prepared for the mess. Fortunately, they understood that their kids were wild, and appreciated my handling of the situation. I am still good friends with the family. - mordecai98

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