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16 of the funniest tweets about Zoom happy hour.

16 of the funniest tweets about Zoom happy hour.

Funny virtual backgrounds, awkward moments with the mute button, suffering through your friends with unpredictable internet connections--good riddance, Zoom happy hour...

The magic of zoom happy hour is that it really is just a glorified way to drink alone while also safely having fun in the middle of a pandemic. That being said, people are really over it. There's only so much catching up you can do through a screen, and it's sometimes dangerous to be the one pouring your drinks while your cousin updates the whole family on how her destination wedding is still happening and she expects everyone to attend. Taking tequila shots alone just doesn't have the same energy, but definitely didn't stop us in March. Now that 2020 is coming to an end, though, the vibe is different.

So, if you truly can't handle another night at home staring at your friends in their tiny boxes sipping cheap wine and rehashing another week of the mountain of chaos that is 2020, here are the funniest tweets we could find from people in the same boat.

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