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16 people share funny stories of men and women not understanding each other's bodies.

16 people share funny stories of men and women not understanding each other's bodies.


Unless you thoroughly paid attention during Sex Ed or sophomore biology, most of us outside of the medical field are baffled by some features of the opposite sex well into adulthood...

You'd assume that someone who has lived on the planet long enough to raise children or have access to all of humanity's knowledge at their fingertips with one Google would know that women don't 'push out' their periods or men can't choose whether or not they conceive a boy or girl, but here we are.

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What is the best example of a man or woman not understanding the opposite gender's body?' people were ready to share the cringiest anatomical discoveries they've witnessed.


One of my exes got it in her head from Cosmopolitan magazine that if she squeezed my balls I'd make a funny noise. The noise I made was, 'I think I'm gonna go home' - EffyewMoney


I thought men's balls were literally separated in two ballsacks - Emmazingx


'You can only get pregnant if you orgasm.' - emo_mistake2005


When I was in my early 20’s I asked my girlfriend at the time if she had to change her pad when she pees. She was very confused at first and then was like “how do you think a pad works?” Apparently they’re attached to the underwear, and not their body - BobbyBangz


I knew a guy who didn’t know where babies were inside a pregnant women. He was 30. - [deleted]


Can you hold your period? - saysitsooth


My friends dad got angry at his daughters because they used multiple pads or tampons per day. He said they didn't need to use that many. They had to explain that they need to change it every 2-3 hours or so and he was baffled. This was a grown a*s man with a wife and 3 daughters. - Chickabae_


'It's 'inappropriate' to give another woman a pad or tampon. - Paksarra


My friend was hooking up with my wife's best friend. My friend has never been the smartest dude out there but I love 'im all the same She got up to go to the bathroom one night, and there were a bunch of little white balls on the bed. They were lint/fuzz from the blanket. He asked her if those were her eggs. He was 29 at the time. - INeedScissorsSixty7


Met a guy asking me seriously why women did not donate their periods blood for hospitals and people in need. - cae_lyce


One time my cousin and her friends had to use the bathroom for men since the female bathroom was undergoing repairs due to a busted pipe. One of her friends washed their hands in the urinal since she thought it was a fancy sink. - CrimsonEclipse18


I've got a cousin who lost one of his balls. One day over the years the conversation came up around my grandma and she says: 'It's a shame. He'll only be ever be able to have boys or girls, but not both once he has kids.'

The whole room went dead quiet until someone was like: ''Scuse me?'

She says: 'Because he only has one. He can only either have boys or girls.'

I don't know how long she believed this or even if we truly convinced her otherwise, but she was absolutely sure that one ball made boys one made girls and that was just how it all worked and to this day that conversation stands out so vividly. - theearthhasnoedges


I had a friend who’s husband innocently asked her one day what number period she was on. He thought that when women refer to “tracking” their periods, we are just counting how many periods we’ve ever had. - slowgradient


I thought for an embarrassing amount of time that women's day to day underwear matched like in Lingerie advertisement. I never was offered any reason to doubt it, nobody shows women wearing a different bra from panties in advertising. I assumed it was like socks, you bought a pair and kept them together? - KaiserSozes-brother


A dude in high school asked me if tampons were spring-loaded. Obviously I explained how they work, but the mental imagine of a spring-loaded tampon is quite something - CringiestDavyCrockett

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