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16 people share inventions that have done more harm than good.

16 people share inventions that have done more harm than good.


When we think of inventions, we normally think about inventions that have changed our lives for the better: light bulbs, trains, ovens, and other objects and technologies that have informed progress and modern life as we know it.

However, it could easily be argued that not all inventions have made life better, some have been used for less ideal purposes, while others started out positive but got co-opted by corporations or governments for the worst possible outcome.

In a popular Reddit thread, people shared the inventions they believe have done more harm than good.

1. From fleekyfreaky:

Popcorn ceiling.

2. From Arctic_Cobra71:

Polygraph test. Even its inventor, John Larson, regrets his invention upon realizing how law enforcement would exploit the average citizen with it.

3. From RacingboomThePleb:

Those plastic containers that are like crimp plastic stitch welded around the entire edge and it’s super thick plastic that will slice your sh*t open.

4. From Privateaccount84:

Those low flow toilets that result in you wasting more water because you have to flush it multiple times to get it to take a log down.

Best solution I’ve seen is a toilet with two buttons, one for a half flush, and one for a full flush.

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