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16 people share the craziest thing they did while blackout drunk.

16 people share the craziest thing they did while blackout drunk.

While it's important to always drink responsibly, an empty stomach, the right level of stress, and a friend who won't let you say no to six sugar-rimmed shots by 3 AM can sometimes lead to a nasty black out...

Forgetting how you got to someone's house, waking up in a pool chair in a Halloween costume, wandering through public transportation in a sequined New Year's Eve dress--drinking until your memory decides to clock out and take a nap sometimes happens to the best of us. While most blacking out stories involve an epic night of chaos in college as young people have a harder time controlling their tolerance, a sloppy night of losing your phone and keys in a fountain of cheap vodka can unfortunately happen at any stage of life.

Being hungover and not knowing what you said or did can be alarming, but after the headache is gone and your friends reassure you that the only damage you caused was tripping into a mountain of trash, at least you can sometimes get a good story out of it. Then of course, there are the patches of foggy memories that are not caused by alcohol too. Shout out to everyone who has driven a long distance and then suddenly wondered how you just drove three hours fully sober and have no clear memory of it.

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