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17 of the funniest ‘no matter who wins’ Election Day tweets.

17 of the funniest ‘no matter who wins’ Election Day tweets.

Election Day 2020 is pretty different from previous years considering we are in the middle of a pandemic and the stakes have seemingly never been higher.

Considering most of us can't throw an election night party like Kendall Jenner's unmasked indoor rapid-tested birthday party, many people have resorted to venting on social media. The day before the election was remiscient of a Christmas Eve from a horror movie, and today doesn't feel any different. What time will we know the results? What time is it appropriate to unleash the boxed wine and assume the panic position?

While people on Twitter have come up with a variety of creative drinking games (rules: drink, objective: be drunk), many have also noted that regardless of the results, engaging in politics and holding our leaders accountable doesn't end after the election. Politics and presidential elections aren't soccer games, and people's lives, families, education healthcare, and safety are at risk. So, if you could use a break from deep breathing techniques, here are the best tweets mocking the "regardless of what happens" mindset on Election Day 2020.

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