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17 of the funniest tweets from this past weekend.

17 of the funniest tweets from this past weekend.

It gets dark at 4:30, it's cold outside in most parts of the country, the holiday season is mostly on Zoom this year, and December feels like a sad squished cherry on top of a year of overall chaos...

Luckily, the wonderful world of Twitter never fails to churn out the funniest observations if you could seriously use a laugh right now. Between online shopping for holidays gifts for mostly online holidays, watching the sunset in the middle of the afternoon and still not knowing what time or day it is, December has been strange. There's only so much staring into the void perplexed by how it's somehow the last month of 2020 while it still feels like we've lived in April for twenty years that we can all do before we need to take a break to stare into the void perplexed by something else.

If you can't handle another virtual holiday party while everyone holds a cocktail in awkward silence from their confined individual Zoom squares and ugly sweater virtual backgrounds, you're not alone. So, here are the funniest tweets we could find from the second weekend in December. Enjoy!

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