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17 funny tweets about how 2020 is finally almost over.

17 funny tweets about how 2020 is finally almost over.

2020 went: January, February, March *42 years*, December...

How did so much happen in history and the world, yet so much sitting on the couch and staring into the abyss while questioning all of our lives and choices into a goblet of wine also happen? While most of us didn't take this year to travel the world, seize every opportunity, become a social butterfly or any of the other things that were on our New Year's Eve goal list, many people were able to find some positive things in the rubble of stress and panic-scrolling.

Of course, the tragedy and financial devastation associated with the pandemic will not magically disappear the second the clock strikes midnight in 2021, but a mental fresh start in a new year gives us a shred of hope. Every essential worker especially deserves a serious vacation the second the vaccine makes it say to do so!

So, if you cannot wait to formally say bye to this overall nightmare of a year of chaos, here are the funniest tweets we could find from people who can't wait for 2021.

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