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17 men share the 'less obvious red flags' women should look out for while dating.

17 men share the 'less obvious red flags' women should look out for while dating.


When it comes to dating, there's really no one-size-fits-all list of red flags to avoid, or green flags to run towards.

Everyone has different traits they're looking for, and different traits that repel them. However, that doesn't negate the fact that some red flags are undisputably red.

In a popular Ask Reddit post, men shared the 'less obvious red flags' they think women should look out for when dating men.

1. From Snoo72074:

Don't ever be fooled by how a man treats you. Look at how he treats unattractive women and other men.

2. From Jack3715:

So about his last 3 relationships and why they ended. If it is always the girl was crazy - it’s him, he's crazy.

3. From stuffya**face:

I’m coming in late but this is something I’ve tried to teach all my daughters. Men will show you how they feel with their actions. If they say they care, but don’t put in the effort, listen to the actions. Not the words.

Good advice for dating but also good advice for life really.

4. From theloosestofcannons:

Many many men only know how to 'relationship flirt.' They will say things like 'I'm looking for something long-term' when really they just want to hook up.

5. From m0c0:

A friend of mine dated a guy who apparently everyone wanted to fight.

At the gym. 'This guy over here wants to throw down.'

At a mall. 'Those guys look like they want to get hit.'

At the grocery store. 'This dude is looking at me like he wants to go outside.'

No Steve. No one feels like fighting you. You are just on steroids.

6. From thrax7545:

Any aversion to taking responsibility.

The older I get the more I find that the men I respect most aren’t the ones with great achievements to their names, but rather the ones who aren’t afraid to own their sh*t.

7. From Sarydus:

As someone who is VERY guilty of this: focusing a ton on you and your needs, but hardly paying attention to their own.

Someone like this can come across as sweet, selfless, and caring, but they're actually avoiding their own problems to focus on yours.

You're not a partner to them, you're a distraction, and even they themselves may not realize it.

8. From BuckyGoldman:

If anything happens to him and he always shifts blame to someone else, or something else, or the situation, that is a big red flag. Sooner or later everything will be your fault.

Also, if their story, complaint, rant, or explanation sounds too one-sided, (again unable to take blame themselves) they are lacking flag.

9. From Robin-KC:

Don’t trust a man who can joke about others but can’t take it.

Edit: I know that this can apply to women. The thing is, I shouldn’t need a disclaimer just to gain permission to critique men and some of you shouldn’t need to drag women down just to acknowledge a personality flaw.

10. From SerHippoh:

When you have to cater to his needs/wants over your own with no compromise. It can be something as only watching shows that he wants or doing things only he wants to do or ordering takeout that only he likes.

11. From rcsheets:

You’ll be able to tell if a guy is nice by how he behaves. If a guy tells you he’s nice, ignore that. That’s meaningless.

12. From Rileycontinued:

If he isn't on the same level of maturity of you, regardless of age, don't go for it. One of you will turn into the parent.

13. From Geek_Therapist:

If he starts throwing tantrums over petty things, there is worse on the horizon. He's not passionate, he's unstable.

14. From LostInSpace3141:

If they verbally attack you in an argument rather than discuss the issue. If they constantly sh*t talk other guys.

15. From Beginning-Bed9364:

If he's dumb, but thinks he's smart.

16. From overratedone:

If they behave like they know everything. Change is certainly not their cup of tea.

17. From ThinkIGotHacked:

If a guy is doing the minimum of what you want in a long-term relationship at the beginning, it’s going to be well below your standards after a few years. I would expect about half of what you see in the first year.

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