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17 people share the dumbest question they've ever been asked.

17 people share the dumbest question they've ever been asked.


While there technically aren't any "dumb questions," there are some observations, comments, and opinions we often have to endure from our fellow humans that can make even the most reasonable people among us contemplate bailing to a deserted mountain off the grid.

So, when a Reddit user asked strangers of the internet, "What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever been asked by anyone?" people were ready to share the story of the question that made them question all of their faith in humanity. "Is butter a carb?"


One of my best friends came to visit me in the hospital when I had my baby. I was laying there with my newborn and there was a banana on a tray next to the bed. He asked, “has he had lunch yet? is that for him?” everyone in the room just cackled so hard that I almost felt bad - Entire-Gazelle-3478


Is the blue part on a map the sky or the water? - Thestonez


I used to be a tour guide in a cave and one summer we had a running contest among the guides to see who could get the dumbest question. Keep in mind, we only accepted questions from adults for entry into the contest. Some of the finalists were:

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