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17 people share the most private secret they're willing to admit.

17 people share the most private secret they're willing to admit.


Carrying around a cringe-inducing, embarrassing or shameful secret can be a burden, but that's why the anonymous world of the internet exists...

So, when a Reddit user asked, "What the most private thing you’re willing to admit?" people were ready to reveal a secret they wouldn't normally share. Dear Quizno's customers who bought a sandwich when I worked there in high school: there's a 90% that roast beef was prime rib.


I almost sh*t myself on my first date while walking home with them because the food didn't agree with me. I barely made it to the toilet. - G4g0yle_Art1st


Sometimes I go into the woods to scream. Not like to release stress, just to scream like a wildman - Steves_bad_day


I envy people with functional families. - AhMajestic


I'm 32 and have no idea what I'm doing in my life. - LastGunSl1inger


I am fake 90% of the time, especially around friends and at work. I pretend to be happy, funny, silly, and like I'm ok. I am deeply not ok and crave being alone because it's the only time I can take the mask off. I am who I wish I actually was around other people. But it's not real. - chut2906

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