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17 people share 'the incident' they don't talk about in their family.

17 people share 'the incident' they don't talk about in their family.


Even the most buttoned up of families has "the thing" they don't talk about at the family dinner table. Sometimes it's an embarrassing anecdote family members haven't found the humor in, but many times it's a story far more sinister that causes a hush to rush over the family.

In a recent Reddit thread, people shared "the thing" their family doesn't talk about and it'll make your family seem tame in comparison.

1. Lyncher94's grandpa has always had a lover on the side.

"My grandfather had a lover for years before him and my grandmother divorced. He started seeing her a few years before I was born. Right after the divorce was final, my grandma died from cancer and my grandpa married his old lover."

"She has a son... Two years older than me... Looks just like him... No one has dared to ask any questions..."

2. Back2Bach's grandpa had authentic shrunken heads.

"We don't talk about the authentic shrunken heads my grandfather collected. They were buried with him."

3. PerpetuallyVerdant cousin married their second cousin.

"My second cousin was always very introverted. Nobody ever really saw him and he never really met anyone beyond immediate family due to him just not being interested in knowing any of us. He left home and cut everyone off. Hell, I had no idea he existed."

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