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17 people share how the 'weird kid' at their school earned their title.

17 people share how the 'weird kid' at their school earned their title.

Most of us, at some point during our kindergarten through high school graduation, were "the weird kid" at school...

The bad news is, if you can't figure out who the weird kid's probably you. The good news is, "weird" kids are usually way more interesting anyway. While bullying and making other kids feel bad for their differences is a serious problem in schools everywhere, sometimes students can't help but at least notice the one kid in the class who has a pipe cleaner googly eye collection in their desk. Celebrating weirdness and unique interests is critically important for child development, but we all still probably have at least one story from elementary school about the origin of a bizarre nickname of officially "weirdo kid" title. Whether you were the weird kid yourself or you sat back and applauded all the weird kids, we'll probably all remember "Red Rover Ryan" more than second grade history class.

So, when a recent Reddit user asked, "What did the 'weird kid' do to earn that reputation?" people were ready to go back to their school days to share their funniest memory of their quirkiest classmate.

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