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17 people share stories of things they’ve done that made them say ‘never again.’

17 people share stories of things they’ve done that made them say ‘never again.’

While sometimes we can take advice from others and dodge disastrous situations and mistakes, there are unfortunately some life lessons we all have to learn the hard way...

Taking a creative risk with a beloved recipe, going a different route to work or school, giving an ex a third or fourth chance, or trying a new hairstyle--life is full of choices that sometimes blow up in our faces. Making the wrong decision can be physically or emotionally painful, but at least it's memorable. Looking back on a particularly messy mistake can make you cringe, but at least you can confidently say there's no chance that you'll ever do it again.

Drinking caffienated Four Loko? Choosing Beyoncé's "Love on Top" for karaoke? Going running while hungover? Starting a political conversation with an uncle at Thanksgiving? Nope, nope, never again, no thank you please make it stop.

So, when a recent Reddit user asked, "What’s one thing that made you say 'never again,' and why?" people were ready to share the lessons they learned the hard way.


Yesterday I was in a hurry and not being very safe and put a 1/4" drill bit through my hand. Could have been 100% avoided by taking even the slightest of safety precautions but I was frustrated and rushing to finish. Never again will I not take the simple moment to do it correctly. - Maskedude1

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