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18 doctors and nurses share the dumbest way a patient ended up in the hospital.

18 doctors and nurses share the dumbest way a patient ended up in the hospital.

Doctors, nurses, and all people who work in the medical field have probably at some point witnessed an injury so ridiculous that they have to wonder what could've possibly been going through someone's mind when it happened...

Of course, there are the standard set of fluke accidents or rare unfortunate incidents that inflict pain upon the unlucky subject that just happened to be around, but every once in awhile there are emergency room visits that are just straight up idiotic. A doctor or a nurse would never judge a patient's cause of injury as their job is to find the quickest and safest solution to the problem and not have a therapy session about what would've motivated someone to pierce their own tongue with a dirty paper clip because someone dared them to at a party. Still, people in the medical field are human after all and they probably can't help but engage in some office gossip .

So, when a Reddit user asked, "ER doctors and nurses, what is the dumbest cause of injury you’ve ever seen?​​​​​​" people in the medical field were ready to share the cause of injury that left a lasting impression.


Had a university student who ignited a firework in his anus while drunk for the amusement of his buddies. It exploded, causing full thickness burns of his rectum and injured his external sphincter - resulting in him needing a colostomy - ArcofRiolan

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