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18 of the funniest tweets from this past weekend.

18 of the funniest tweets from this past weekend.

If this year has felt simultaneously like the longest decade of your life and also you blinked and it was somehow December, you're definitely not alone...

Time followed a different pattern this year and it was hard to keep track of the days and months when everything felt like a blur of mask-wearing, social distancing, Zoom birthday party panic-scrolling. Having to brace ourselves whenever we read the news for whatever new disaster the year decided to unleash on us, surviving an election during a pandemic, connecting with our loved ones through screens--it has certainly been a strange and stressful ride of mask-sweat.

Luckily, Twitter users remain committed to finding the humor in chaos and the roast jokes of this disaster of a year kept getting better. Remember in March when we thought baking banana bread or making sourdough starter while color-coding our bookshelves were the craziest things that would happen? At least the good news is, we're almost done! The (virtual) holiday season is upon us and there's absolutely no chance of embarrassing yourself at the office holiday party this year unless you forget to mute yourself.

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