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18 funny and real tweets that perfectly sum up 2020.

18 funny and real tweets that perfectly sum up 2020.

2020 was true whirlwind of stress and it's hard to believe that this nightmare rollercoaster of a lava pit-fueled year is finally coming to an end...

While it's officially the last month of 2020, it still somehow feels like nothing and everything happene, but that it's still March and we've all aged approximately 500 years. This year has been strange, tragic, confusing, and anxiety-inducing between a global pandemic, an election, isolating and living virtually. Celebrating momentous occasions on Zoom, many people working from home while trying to homeschool their children at the same time and adjusting to wearing masks and social distancing everywhere we go, it's hard to remember what life was like before.

Luckily through all of the flaming trash that 2020 brought us, Twitter remained an A+ source for jokes. Here are some of the best tweets we could find that perfectly sum up the strange year we all endured together.


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