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18 people who married a ‘bridezilla’ share what happened after the wedding.

18 people who married a ‘bridezilla’ share what happened after the wedding.

Weddings, while meant to be fun celebrations, can turn otherwise normal people into flower-fuming, detail-demons from the depths of "something borrowed and something blue" sea of "bridezillas."

While brides who simply have a strong vision for their wedding day often get a bad reputation for being controlling or bossy, agonzing over every little detail down to your bridemaids' tattoos and hair color for "the photos" is just too much. Planning an elaborate wedding with a destination venue, custom dress, massive guest list or ten hour open bar isn't everyone's dream day, but even people who thought they wanted "just a small ceremony with a casual dinner after" can suddenly start crying because the flower arrangement they ordered isn't the ride shade of lavender to match the bridal party's accessories. Then, of course, with the pressure of perfect social media posts and suggestions from family and friends, people can momentarily lose their otherwise "chill" personalities.

So, when a recent Reddit user asked, "Guys who married Bridezillas- what happened after the wedding?" people who married or witnessed a "'Zilla" in action were ready to share their tale.

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