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18 people share wise advice that actually stuck with them.

18 people share wise advice that actually stuck with them.


Sometimes people give you advice that you listen to politely, but know deep down you'll never follow. When truly good advice comes along, though, you never forget it...

Advice often comes from a place of the giver attempting to undo their own past mistakes and prevent others from falling for the same traps they fell into in life. However, there are definitely some missteps that people have to make on their own in order to really learn from them. We can't always become wise without being morons first. Take that, Yoda! Baby Yoda is about to do some serious damage to a house party.

So, when a recent Reddit user asked, "What is the wisest thing somebody has ever told you?" people were definitely ready to share the sage and sound words of wisdom that actually stuck with them.


"Never ask the barber if you need a haircut." - PortionKontrol


"If you can laugh at yourself, you'll always have something to laugh about." - roberto10992


"Even the worlds best ping pong player can't beat a wall, just walk away." - slayer1189


"When I was really young, my father told me this gem, when I was upset about being teased at school:"No matter how nice and kind you are; there are always going to be people who don't like you or appreciate what you do." I forget if there was anything else he added afterward.

It does sound pessimistic, however I internalized it as, to continuing being kind, and not letting a harsh response or cruel treatment bring me down.I think my dad was trying to teach me not to put too much worth into how much worth others put on me, but focus on my own" - Leporidae91

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