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18 people share stories of the dumbest way they almost died.

18 people share stories of the dumbest way they almost died.

We've all probably had at least one moment that made us confront our mortality head-on in a hilariously dumb way...

While it's easy to go through everyday life blissfully forgetting how fragile our bodies are, every once in awhile we're forced to remember that we're mostly a watery blob of flesh with a lot of loud opinions. Danging off a cliff to take an Instagram selfie, speeding on a bike down a steep hill in the rain with no helmet or plan in sight, swimming in a thunderstorm, breaking the safety rules on rides at a theme park, using fire escapes as money bars--flirting with danger can be a very reckless, idiotic adrenaline rush.

So, when a Reddit user asked, "What's the dumbest way you almost died?" people were eager to share the moment they almost lost their life for an objectively stupid reason.


Almost fell to my death from the second floor of an abandoned theater because I was running down a flight of stairs that are just cut off midway. Someone with the fastest reflex skills just grabbed me by my shirt and pulled my backwards.

Don't run in abandoned buildings. - coldnymph

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