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19 parents share their ‘least favorite thing’ about their kids.

19 parents share their ‘least favorite thing’ about their kids.

Parents rarely get to freely complain about the struggles of parenthood without following it up with, "but I love my children and I'm so lucky."

While parents often refer to their children as "miracles" or "blessings," who they instinctively love unconditionally, some parents fear the judgement they might receive from complaining even once about their children's not-so-miraculous behaviors. Having a safe space with friends or family to vent about the things about parenting that bother you is healthy, as there isn't a parent on the planet that never gets angry, annoyed or bothered by something their child does.

No sane parent wakes up in the middle of the night after sleeping for two hours, tries to quiet a screaming newborn while their other child wakes up and starts screaming as well, ends up with vomit in their hair and a foot full of Legos and blissfully sighs, "motherhood is magical." Being honest about the challenges of being a parent is refreshing for other parents, and can make other mothers and fathers feel less alone in the chaos.

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