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19 people share the popular self-care advice that they think is toxic.

19 people share the popular self-care advice that they think is toxic.


It's hard not to fall for all the green juice bikini influencers who preach "positive energy over everything" as an excuse to ignore all your own toxic traits and live life with a complete lack of self-awareness...

Shouldn't there be more to "self-care" than just the occasional bath, midday glass of wine, and an exfoliating face mask? Learning from our mistakes, apologizing, compromising, drinking water, exercising, goal-setting, time management--being a human requires a lot more than just "manifesting success" and celebrating ourselves over a cheese board. While not all the inspirational quotations printed on decorative kitchenware is meant to be taken literally, accepting every trending meme mantra as your gospel truth can be dangerous sometimes.

So, when a Reddit user asked, "What's some popular self-care/self-love advice that is actually really toxic?" people were ready to share the "live, laugh, love and YOLO" words of "wisdom" that they don't agree with.


"Live your truth." There is a fine line between between authenticity and being an a*shole. - Kurgan1536


The sort of "positivity" that relies on dragging other people down.

I see it the most around body image issues in particular (but can apply to other things too), and I just think it's really sad.

It doesn't solve any of the underlying issues, just makes more people feel rubbish about themselves! - ClydeB3

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