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19 people share the hilariously petty drama happening at their workplace.

19 people share the hilariously petty drama happening at their workplace.


While it's always wise to avoid all office drama, sometimes the workplace tea is simply too interesting to ignore. Everyone's in the kitchen placing bets on when the boss will find out that the manager is dating four of the waitresses? It's time for happy hour...

So, when a Reddit user asked, "What is the small scale work drama happening in your office right now?" people were ready to reveal the dirty details of the secret Slack DMs and water cooler whispers about hilariously low stakes gossip.


My coworker was texting my old number thinking it was me asking if I could cover a shift. The person who took over my old number replied to her saying “gargle on my balls” or something like that. I almost got fired for it. - liquid4618


One of my coworkers came in 3 minutes late Monday of last week and my other coworker has been pissy at her since. - FairieButt


They're installing new furniture and people are NOT PLEASED about the new floor/seating plan. - ConanApproves


So last October our printer ran out of ink. More had already been ordered but with covid running rampant at the time the shipment was super delayed. One of my coworkers got really sh*tty over the fact that she couldn’t print the reports in the department and instead had to go upstairs to print them.

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