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19 people share things they were afraid of until they understood them.

19 people share things they were afraid of until they understood them.

Fear of the unknown is a natural impulse, but avoiding something entirely or letting your fears harm yourself or others without taking the time to learn about what you're actually afraid of can be incredibly dangerous...

Expanding your knowledge, staying informed, and shifting your perspective on something every once in awhile can work wonders for controlling or facing your fears. The less you know about something, the scarier it can be, and when you have all of the facts, the world and the people in it can be a lot less intimidating. When you're a kid scared in your bed of the shadows you see in your room, but then you learn that there actually aren't any monsters in the closet after all, falling asleep becomes a lot easier. While our adult problems become much more complicated than 8-legged shadow monsters, the same principle still applies.

So, when a Reddit user asked, "There's a saying that 'people fear what they don't understand.' What did you 'fear' before you understood it?" people were ready to share.


Thunderstorms! I was terrified of thunderstorms and tornadoes when I was a kid. It was so bad that I would fear-puke if I saw dark clouds. One day in second grade, it stormed during class and I ran to the front of the room to throw up in the trash can. My teacher sent a couple of books home with me about how thunderstorms and tornadoes work. After reading the books, I became fascinated and excited by storms instead of helplessly terrified. - zygote_harlot

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